Nov 30 2007

November Progress In Iraq Confirmed

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As expected the US death toll in Iraq is continuing its downward trend in November. We are on the verge of now 6 straight months declining violence in Iraq:

he number of U.S. combat deaths in Iraq this month is headed toward the lowest monthly level since March 2006, reflecting a turnaround in U.S. efforts to establish security and defeat insurgents.
With one day left in November, 26 U.S. troops and a civilian Pentagon employee have died in combat. Nine more servicemembers died in non-combat-related incidents.

The November toll could mark the sixth consecutive month of declines in American deaths. It follows a downward trend in overall violence in Iraq.

Monthly U.S. combat deaths peaked this year at 120 in May.

Going from 120 combat deaths in May to 26 in November is a huge turn around. No more can the Democrats claim (erroneously) that the Surge did not work. I expect we will see similar numbers for Iraq civilian deaths as well in the coming days. So much for the defeatists – they never will get their desired second Vietnam. While I am not predicting victory just yet, I will predict there will be no mea culpa from the far left if there is victory. I predict they will wallow in their misery of a failure unachieved.

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  1. stevevvs says:

    We have won Militarily, I think.

    Last Night I wanted to see just what Countries suffered Multiple Islamic Terrorist Attacks in 2007. Here is what I found:

    Thailand, Pakistan, Chechnya, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, India, Russia, Philippines, Pal. Auth., Ingushetia, Dagestan, Macedonia, Nigeria, Algeria, Austria, Sudan, Ghana, Maldives, Syria, Nepal, Lebanon, Israel, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Yemen, Scotland, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Chad, Jordan, USA, UAE.

    All reaserch was done at

    Take Care

  2. crosspatch says:

    Troop casualty rates might go up a little and then start dropping more. Non-hostile deaths increase when you have more troops moving. I would expect to see more non-combat deaths as units rotate out and other units move into position to cover the space they left. Once all that is done, the number of deaths should begin to drop again. A static population is generally a safer population than one on the move and a SMALLER static population experiences less deaths than a larger one. So expect a few more non-combat deaths as troops move around and then a drop off as they settle in.

  3. MerlinOS2 says:


    They are not going to wallow in their misery , they will figure some way some how to claim the success is because they held the administrations feet to the fire.

    Look for the spin in the next couple of weeks they wont be able to avoid trying it.