Nov 29 2007

CNN Was Not Duped, These Debates Are Staged Shows

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Is anyone still so naive to still believe CNN is a ‘news’ network? They are a business built and staffed by liberals. They don’t care about fair and balanced, they want paychecks. Big fat paychecks. I said this when Hillary had her people push questions at her public events, but I will say it again: these ‘debates’ are staged. Why else do you think CBS has decided to cancel the Democrat debate because there is a writers’ strike! Michelle Malkin has a done some excellent investigations into the plants CNN used in the GOP debate last night (one I thankfully missed). Go over to her site and read about all the plants any decent ‘news organization’ should have ferreted out to realize this was not accident. Anderson Cooper pretends that one accidental slip is all that happened in this video mea culpa Drudge linked to. But as Michelle notes it was not one plant CNN coincidentally tapped – it was many.

The fact is people with connections get into these events. And anyone should know connections to elite media events are all through liberal power brokers. America is going to be really pissed off at CNN and the Dems for staging events. Are all the faked documents p- like RaTHergate and the Downing Street Memos the media put out in the last couple years just coincidence? Are all the planted stories like those by PVT Beauchamp and others just random (but regularly recurring) incidents? Is the use of planted photographs and testimony by terrorist propagandists acting as stringers over and over again (Balil Hussein, Green Helmet Man) just accidents? When you look at all the media ‘screw ups’ you find a pattern so overwhelming any good scientist or engineer will note it is not a random event, but a deliberate and repeating set of actions.

If there is a good journalist still out there they will look at all these events, catalogue them, and show the pattern of staged events in the media. It would be worth a Pulitzer if it cleaned up our busted news organizations which are following something other than the truth and facts. A good place to start looking for topics which were faked by the media is at Media Mythbusters. I have my own topics as well in the topic list to the right column on this site (which I have not had time to put up at the Media Mythbusters Wiki yet), but the data is there for anyone with the moral compass to find easily.

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  1. kathie says:

    At the end of the program they had a group of “undecided republican” voters, I just caught a part of the discussion. One of the “undecided” voters decided to vote for Edwards after the production, the two others still couldn’t decide but could not pronounce the names of the debaters. Just to prove your point.

  2. Terrye says:

    I made a point of not watching.

  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    BRET BAIER: Fred, how about the questioners chosen for this debate?

    FRED BARNES: Well, remember, CNN says they’re just average Americans that are asking the questions that Americans are interested in. But they had 5,000 people send in tapes, and they picked out those 34. And included in them were a number of Democratic activists for Obama and for Edwards and this guy for Clinton, and some of them had some very loaded questions. There were also a lot of questions really trying to stick it to Rudy Giuliani, and so it was completely different from the Democratic debate. Here’s a good example of it, Bret, and that is the General got up, they had him, he ambushed the Republican candidates who they knew were going to be against gays in the military, which he was for, and they handed him the mic so he could embarrass them, make them feel squeamish, or that was the attempt. Remember the CNN debate in Las Vegas where they had a soldier get up with his mother and he talked, but did he challenge the Democrats who were against the war? No. He was against the war, too. He ratified their position. So you can see the completely different ways CNN handled that. One to screw Republicans, one to boost Democrats.

    Now just how can you top that!

  4. Army Mom says:


    I agree. The person who believes that this was not staged also believes that all “reality” shows are really real. Really!

    Once again the MSM insults the average American’s intelligence and assumes that we are too stupid to see the truth of what is going on. I’ve noticed a trend on the talk radio that I listen to where Dems/Libs are calling in an starting to say that they are jumping ship because of all of the shenanigans. Most are insulted that the MSM seems to have already coronated HRC. Sounds like poetic justice in action to me.

  5. TomAnon says:

    I was just waiting for one of the candidates to ask Gen. Kerr (gays in the military proponent) how many other UCMJ items where optional for him?