May 31 2006

Edges Falling Off The Planet

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Seems left and right have decided to go beserk all at once.  Dr Sanity (can we have more Sanity Please!) notes a pungent tirade of denial from the leftwing (where terrorism is just marketing PR).  Some great excerpts:

1. “The Bush administration has exploited the fear and shock of a nation in the wake of a surprising and dramatic act of violence to whip national fear and paranoia into a constant boil.” (Emphasis mine)

[Dr. Sanity] This is said (presumably without any sense of irony) by a person who has at the top of his post a copy of the US Constitution with the hand written note across its front saying ” George, we can blow this off big time. Dick”

In so saying, don’t you think the author of this hysterical nonsense is whipping up his own fear and paranoia just a wee bit? Most psychiatrists would refer to this technique as projection. Further evidence of this psychological projection comes in the next accusation:

2. “The evidence suggests the whole point has been to seize power and steal money.”

[Dr. Sanity] The left has yet to notice that despite all their exhortations about the evil of American capitalism and all the misery it brings; that the economy of this country keeps on chugging along while most of the rest of the world is cheerfully going down the economic toilet as they pursue the leftist’s economic agenda?

There is nothing like a good fisking in the morning to get you started on your day!  I am serious about the looney tunes going on in the two parties.  If I was the tin foil hat type I would be thinking someone has spiked the water coolers with some secret mind control formula (vodka?).

But sadly, this is combination of obsession, anger and denial.  Denial of middle road solutions, and denial that the venom these people are spewing is only hurting themselves.  We need more professional adults in politics because the cuckoo’s nest there now is just useless. And that goes for their entourage of spin-meisters and talking heads as well.  I have no idea what planet these people are from, but it clearly is not planet earth.

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    Bush has a problem. After 9/11 he came out and said that most muslims were peaceful. And, he took to calling the religion, “The Religion of Peace.”

    In Iraq, their parliament doesn’t quite have the hang of democracy. It seems the hand of Sadr (who got only 12% of the vote), is still muddying the works. And, Americans are TIRED. Very, very tired. I don’t think anyone sees a light coming on, now. Just more shifting around in the sand.

    Was Bush’s approach too simplistic?

    Americans, for the most part, have SPINE. While politicians seem to be squishy. Yes, it’s a good thing that Bush came in and “froze” the raid on Representative Jefferson’s office. 45 days and counting down.

    For some reason it seems this summer is supposed to lead to a clearer picture of political events. With Bush starting it off “WITH A PERIOD OF COOLING DOWN.” (Well, sometimes, ya gotta do that at the stove. Or you get a mess when things boil over.)

    The biggest threat from the LEFT still remains the legal ones. The things they’ve been doing, with lawyers, and the MSM, to break down the American spirit. (By the way, Nixon had no skills at communicating.) But I have read somewhere one of those comments that really sticks with ya. Someone said “this President has the MSM playbook.” I think this is true. I also think he’s helped by the blogs. Because so many of them can counter the spin that comes driveling out at us.

    I know the LEFT thinks they’re gonna gain their majorities come November. But if this were true, you’d think you’d see something. At least a bumper sticker. A poster here and there. Nada. Maybe, you can’t start counting until Labor Day?

  2. Sue says:

    Kind of odd when the only one claiming the edges are actually falling off the planet is Al Gore. End of civilization, if you believe him. And they are lapping up his fearmongering.

  3. Terrye says:


    Well come on, there are a billion Muslims on the planet…I don’t think Bush could have come out said every one of them was the enemy.

  4. Terrye says:

    Speaking of parnoia, let us imgaine the outcry if the Bushies were responsible for the deaths of about 87 civilians in a place called Waco. So yes, it seems people have gotten pretty wound up. At least on the internet. Maybe we spend too much time here.

  5. pull says:

    I don’t view the mistakes and misperceptions of some Republicans and Conservatives – maybe even “a lot” – to… in anyway… measure the kind of insanity and depravity the Left embraces.

    I do not doubt that this could happen. People can only take so much onslaught. Take, for instance, the Vietnam war era. We can blame the loss of that war a great deal on the pro-Viet Cong left leaning masses.

    [And, yeah, they were pro-Viet Cong. Maybe most were not flag waving pro-Viet Cong… just flag burning pro-Viet Cong… but ultimately the ‘one who does nothing is partner with the one who destroys’ — and we all know this. It is a shame hind sight is not really 20/20. Their efforts went to the support of the Viet Cong.]

    What was the failure of the Republicans? They did not fight the war as they should have. They did not fight to win. They lost their spirit. And, eventually, they turned increasingly to dirty tricks. Witness: Watergate.

    I definitely believe events are more subtle then merely “left is wrong, right is right”. Historically, it takes two hands to destroy a country and they usually operate in tandem even if doing seemingly opposite actions.

    But, I do not believe I am hearing anything from the Right on the level of what the Left has been saying and doing. Immigration? Big deal. Minor sin. Stance against Iraq? Stance against Islamists? Stance against fervent, anti-American (and Free World) Marxists? Big, important issues. The main thing.

    Is that paranoid? Reactive? Am I a racist, McCarthyist radical for saying such things? It is just common sense when we see people saying the kinds of things these guys are saying and doing the kinds of things they are doing that there is a serious problem here.

  6. AJ my English friends must have people like you in mind when they mention to me that Americans don’t understand irony. After all how can you bemoan the state of debate in this country in one post then post this: Compare SenselessBrenner’s and we both know that you have something of an affinity for branding people who disagree with your policies with labels….exactly why must you do that it sort of ruins the value of your abilities in analysis. Are you simply unable to take the high road? Perhaps if your arguments are so weak that you find yourself reduced to insults it would be best not to comment.

  7. pull says:

    About PierreLegrand’s post…

    If they are insulted for doing shameful things and being exposed at doing them, then why do they keep on doing them?

    Does not France have a lot of problems of her own? I am not surprised the French continue to try and involve themselves in our problems… to try and forget their own.

    But, Frenchman, do you you not see when you say “Americans have no sense of irony” that you yourself are labelling all Americans with a biased – and therefore untrue – generalization? But, you see no irony there?

    Hypocrites see their own sins in others. When their slander against their enemy is “hypocrisy”, the irony they express is tremendous.

    But, such people are blind and know of no such thing. They have some dim awareness of the deviousness of their hypocrisy, at best.

    That, is a truism. For hypocrisy with awareness is satire. No one is intentionally hypocritical.