May 10 2006

Kadima American Style

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*** Update: the right has become KoSified: La Shawn Barber wants to Impeach Bush (told you so!) and Peggy Noonan wants Reps to let the Dems win this fall. Where are the serious conservatives? I really don’t see why we need to start over in 4-8 years because these people are impatient and a bit self absorbed.

Also Flopping Aces has links to show this same infighting erupted in Reagan’s 6th year and was just as short sighted ***

Well, as some on the right begin to become completely indistinguishable from the KoS ranters and DU ego-maniacs, it seems it is possibly time to establish not the RINOs, or the Moderates Conservatives (sounds like we are sleepy and cannot establish a firm position), but now is the time for the Serious Conservatives. Conservatives who are passionate and compassionate, dedicated to progress but who don’t threaten to destroy everything we have achieved on the right just because we don’t get our way. People who want to see a conservative future embraced by all, not demanded or dictated or forced upon people. Embraced. Folks who believe in community and family and respect of others, who would never deride people for being different, or being from outside our country, or being Arab or Mexican or any other ‘group’ just because we face challanges in their region of the world.

It is time for Kadima, American style. In order not to isolate any conservative bloggers or conservative voices from joining this Serious Conservatives movement, I will use this news as an example of what we do not want anymore of when we say ‘serious’:

Angry parents want a teacher at a Latino charter school in the Albany Park neighborhood fired after she made derogatory comments against people from Mexico.

As CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman reports, the incident began when a seventh-grade art teacher at Aspira Haugen Charter Middle School, at 3729 W. Leland Ave., thought students had gotten paint on her jacket. That is when the teacher allegedly said “all Mexicans are criminals” and that they were “only born to clean floors.”

Some pupils at the school became extremely upset.

“It surprised me because I’ve never seen a teacher talk to us Mexicans that way,” said student Orimar Ramirez. “She said we were trash and all we were good for is to clean up floors.”

I am not saying this person is a conservative. I just use it as an example of crossing a line mature adults would never cross. The Buchananites can cower and get angry at the fact the world is populated with people from other nations – I was glad to see him quit the party when he did not get his way. Those who fear Arabs in general, and cannot discern a UAE company which has supported our efforts against Terrorists from the terrorists themselves, can stay in their echo chambers and feed off each other.

I am a conservative. I remain an independent as long as the Republicans associate with the Michael Savages and the Democrats associate with the Michael Moores. I don’t care what brand of Kool-Aid these people are sipping, they are all irrelevant because they are unrealistic and display the worse side of humanity. I refuse to play group-hate politics. I still believe people are individuals and they are to be measured by their acts and what is in their souls. Not by their skin, original or current nationality, religion, etc. We lead by example, not brow beating.

The way forward is through serious, sincere dedication to moving the country one step everyday towards conservative values and ideas. If the pace is slow, the serious and dedicated believers will take on the challenge, and never once stoop to anger or disparaging others. We are happy warrior because the future will be better with every person who even takes a small step in the right direction. Once people make one step in that direction, they will feel safe taking more.

We have spent 26 years convincing cautious and concerned people that conservatism is not dangerous, is not ugly, is not harmful or rude or judgemental. In essence we have been saying the wheels will not fall off the country if we try conservative ideas of self sufficiency and self respect and responsibility. Those who cannot keep fighting the fight and retain some semblence of composure and respect to those we need to convince to join our cause are not going to help us at all.

We need to accept this. As much as we like and respect these people, if they are going to keep losing their composure and are willing to destroy all the progress made in the last quarter century, then we must accept that cannot stop them from making these poor decisions. We can take them at their word and simply move forward without them. Do I wish things would move fatser? Yes of course.

Do I wish for a perfect world – to be honest I think that would be boring. But I do know that giving up and letting the democrats undo some of our work simply sets us back and makes us go over the same ground we just won. There is a reason nations do not fight trench warfare anymore. It is one long, bloody stalemate and simply creates causulties and no progress. We need to get out of the trenches and get serious.

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  1. Terrye says:

    Count me in.

  2. ivehadit says:

    Right on target, A.J.

  3. HaroldHutchison says:

    I’m game, too. As far as I’m concerned, the right is going about as nuts as the MoveOn/DailyKos wing of the Democrats.

  4. Is this the first case of a blogger fisking themselves in the same article?
    Well, as some on the right begin to become completely indistinguishable from the KoS ranters and DU ego-maniacs

    Further down…

    If the pace is slow, the serious and dedicated believers will take on the challenge, and never once stoop to anger or disparaging others.

    AJ you are awfully quick on the name calling. Oddly enough in the screed that you find so offensive I challenged programs and policies.

    You are capable of fine arguments and yet you often stoop to name calling…why?

    The UAE deal was a classic case of you going off the deep end in name calling.

    Pierre Legrand

  5. AJStrata says:


    Noting your anger and illogical plan is not name calling. Calling people looking for work ‘slaves’ is. I see little substantial difference between the Savages and Moores. Sorry, but they both rant and make little sense.

  6. HaroldHutchison says:

    I’ll go one further…

    If the GOP suffers losses in 2006, they will not go back to people who can rightfully be seen as having deserted our troops in time of war. Nancy Pelosi is all but promising investigations that will almost certainly lead to impeachment proceedings in the House.

  7. Carol_Herman says:

    Dan Rather had the best showcase to take down Bush’s re-election in 2004. Did he?

    Turns out the recent polling data, showing Bush at 31%, also had statistics showing Kerry WON in 2004. Which is news to me. (For the math phobic, the poll had a question that asked “whom did you vote for in 2004? And, that’s where you’d see, if you extended the numbers answering the poll, to the electorate’s numbers from the 2004 election, that the POLL WAS WRONG IN ITS ASSUMPTIONS.)

    Still, it’s the MSM’s line.

    Going back to that night in 2004; it you tuned into the MSM, you saw all sorts of stupid stuff. Where Ohio wasn’t called. New Mexico wasn’t called. ONLY DRUDGE, AT 10:00 PM called it!

    Bill Sammon’s in his book Strategery, describes what it was like in the Living Quarters of the White House, where the elder Bush was still hanging on at 3:00 AM, refusing to go to sleep. And, calls to Kerry’s headquarters, to set up a phone call with the president where he could concede, were met with Kerry’s camp saying “he wasn’t ready.” So the delusional Kerry went to sleep. And, Bush told his dad to turn in.

    And, the republican volunteers, waiting at a hotel, were told by someone high up in the campaign, around 1:00 AM, that the President had won. AND LET THE PARTY BEGIN.

    What did the MSM accomplish? They fooled ya! They didn’t have to report that the President had a blowout! Coattails. The kinds of victories where not only did the President win; but seats were gained in both HOUSES. And, little Tommy Daschle got tossed.

    Go ahead. Believe in the midgets. Peggy Noonan is HAIR BRAINED. She’s always been so! And, Reagan was quite able to write his own material! This idea that Reagan was stupid. And, Noonan wrote words for a puppet are a DELUSIONAL FIGMENT OF HER IMAGINATION!

    What does Noonan still have? She gets paychecks for writing CRAP for the MSM.

    Again, you’re more than welcome to buy the words of Pat Buchanan; Peggy Noonan, and George Will to your heart’s content. Free country. (Pat Buchanan, as a candidate, is INSIGNIFICANT. And, the facts prove it. SHe’s he’s a constant peddler; like Ralph Nader. And, few voters toss real votes his way.

    Also, the Internet is FRACTURED. You don’t know the age group of the people showing up here. You also don’t know what these comments signify. Probably nothing.

    But I do know, as a voter, that we’re nowhere near the hate fest that dropped on Nixon’s head. And, you don’t know what the real numbers are, because you’re depending on the MSM for the bulk of your news. Some of us fight back. But it’s only a few.

  8. “work ’slaves’ is.”

    Please explain how being called a slave is being called a name? Do you think that denying them the reality they exist inside of is doing them a favor? Slave is a description of the conditions they work under. It is not a condition they would choose if a viable way was availible to them to do otherwise. But as long as the Republican party draws a bye from people “worried” about calling them to account for their laxity in enforcing the laws no respite from their existence as sub humans will be forthcoming. They are subhuman because due to their illegal status they do not enjoy the protections the rest of us humans in the US enjoy. Apparently though for those who run the Republican party that is A-Ok, since they have absolutely stopped enforcing the laws.

    A nation of laws once.

    Now under those I am supposed to defend come hell or high water (Republicans) a nation of laws has turned into only those laws we feel like enforcing. No wonder so many people ignore the laws…the government ignores them too.


  9. Terrye says:

    Slaves my ass. If these people do not know the difference between a fruit picker, a roofer, a nanny and a slave then what is the point in talking to them?

    My grandparents were Okies, they left the Dust Bowl to go to California to work to survive. What the hell are the chances that Americans would load up their kids and haul them across a freaking desert to pick fruit just to buy food? And then they got the hell out of there as soon as they could.

    In a few years the government was encouraging Mexicans to come and work because they needed the labor. People need to make a greater effort to understand what they are talking about.

  10. ivehadit says:

    did you see the Anchoress’ comments today?

    Excellent, imho. Toxicity rules these days.

    The President will lead all of us who want to get out of it, don’t you think?

  11. PJ Media will be all over the Immigration story today keep a close eye on them for the latest!…

    Not sure that there is anything this President will say that will have me singing his praise but hey stranger things have happened. At this point I cringe when he talks….

  12. […] Lots of bills that were ignored by past presidents, particularly during our “vacation from history” have come due on Dubya’s watch. The whole world seems to be coming due on his watch, and damn him for not handling everything perfectly. What a loser, eh? And it’s easy to kick a guy when he’s down, isn’t it? AJ is getting wearyof it, too. […]