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Apr 16 2006

Ahmedinejad Thinks He’s Islam’s Jesus Christ

The not-so-mentally-stable Iranian President Ahmedinejad as allowed, and at times encouraged, the impression that he is one of the 36 ‘nails’ of Islam: According to Shia lore, the [12th] Imam is a messianic figure who, although in hiding, remains the true Sovereign of the World. In every generation, the Imam chooses 36 men, (and, for […]

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Apr 16 2006

Marc Grossman, Man Of Mystery

Update: The memo comes in two versions here and here. (oops! wrong Plame Post) Update: Well, that rumor I heard is turning out to be true. Marc Grossman and Joe Wilson went to the same college and graduated the same year. And as we now know went on to the state department and got the […]

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Apr 16 2006

Offensive Against Taliban & Al Qaeda Continues

I am amazed after weeks of activity in Northern Pakistan and Southern Afghansistan the US media is still ignoring the most heated fighting in the Global War On Terror. Suffice to to say activities are progressing on both sides of the border, basically herding the terrorists into a pincer action: US and Afghan troops launched […]

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Apr 16 2006

Media Cover Up In Iraq Is Criminal

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Mark In Mexico posted on this story regarding what the news media is NOT telling us about what is happening in Iraq: An Iraqi officer of significant rank approached my translator as I quietly took notes near the banks of the Euphrates River, at a combat observation post named COP Dunlop. He knew I was […]

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Apr 16 2006

Immigration Bill Is Likely

Fred Barnes writes today that a ‘pro-immigration’ bill is likely when Congress returns from Easter break. I think Fred’s arguments are a bit simplistic, but the result is accurate: THE IMMIGRATION ISSUE HAS FLIPPED in President Bush’s favor. The public now firmly supports toughened border enforcement plus–and this is a big plus for the president–a […]

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