Apr 16 2006

Offensive Against Taliban & Al Qaeda Continues

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I am amazed after weeks of activity in Northern Pakistan and Southern Afghansistan the US media is still ignoring the most heated fighting in the Global War On Terror. Suffice to to say activities are progressing on both sides of the border, basically herding the terrorists into a pincer action:

US and Afghan troops launched a joint operation in Afghanistan’s Kunar province as Pakistan deployed paramilitary forces along the Pak-Afghan border to check the possible infiltration of fleeing Al Qaeda and Taliban elements. Military authorities said that forces were deployed to check the movement of terrorists from Afghanistan to Pakistan, rejecting claims that the troops were deployed to assist US forces.

I just do not understand why the news media is so fixated on the negative news and ignores the progress. I know many in the news media want us to surrender and run away, but what happened to their vaulted professionalism that is suppose to ensure they do their job regardless of their personal biases. The news has been out there for weeks such that even this lowly blogger armed with nothing more than Google can see events unfolding in the region.

For example, just the other day the Taliban tried to mount attacks across Afgahnistan’s south eastern region:

Afghanistan – Taliban fighters simultaneously attacked two police checkpoints on a southern Afghan highway, and up to 14 militants were killed or wounded in the ensuing gunbattle, an official said Sunday.

In central Afghanistan, coalition and Afghan troops shot dead three insurgents.

The checkpoint attacks, which occurred Saturday, came a day after heavy fighting in the southern province of Kandahar killed 41 militants and six policemen, police said, in the biggest battle in a recent spate of Taliban-led violence threatening this war-battered nation’s new democracy.

The news media did report on that portion of this weeks long activity that involved US casualties (as the above source did):

Kandahar and neighboring Helmand and Zabul provinces are located in a swathe of southern Afghanistan where the Taliban have kept up a stubborn series of attacks against the government and U.S.-led coalition forces hunting them.

On Saturday, suspected Taliban attacked coalition and Afghan army troops with small arms and rocket-propelled grenades in central Uruzgan province, sparking a gunbattle that killed three attackers, the U.S. military said in a statement.

The focus of the GWOT this year is the Afghan and Pakistan regions where the Taliban and Al Qaeda migrated after the US booted them from Afgahnistan.   A region thought to house Omar and Bin Laden – tow of the world’s most wanted men.

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  1. tgharris says:

    “I just do not understand why the news media is so fixated on the negative news and ignores the progress. aa’

    Its pretty simple, A.J. The progress doesn’t suit their agenda.

  2. akauses says:

    Greg Pallcott (sp) for Fox is imbeded with a Marine unit and has been providing on-scene firefights in the Stan for the weekend. Believe all has been lost due to Easter coverage. But I agree with tgharris it doesn’t fit the agenda to destroy our President.