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Apr 17 2006

Westerners Join Ranks Of Terrorists

I have been wondering when the anti-west left would get so cracked and angry they would join with the Muslim Terrorists to destroy the very societies that raised them up. Seems it has begun: His code name was Maximus, and he held secret meetings in a shabby room at the Banana City Hotel on the […]

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Apr 17 2006

Taliban Fight Back In Pakistan Tribal Areas

The Global War On Terror is focused on the norther western regions of Pakistan, across the border from where Coalition forces are executing a major offensive on Taliban strongholds. As any corner animal will do, the Taliban are attempting to strike back: Taliban forces have so far killed 150 pro-government tribal Maliks in the North […]

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Apr 17 2006

Updates On Grossman and Plame!

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OK, it was suggested I write a post telling everyone I have been updating the Marc Grossman and INR Memo posts so people can make sure to see the broadening picture.  For Grossman it is looking pretty bad.  So in case you did not notice – there are lots of updates in them.

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Apr 17 2006


As I have been saying, watch Pakistan and Afghanistan for this summer’s hot spot in the Global War On Terror (GWOT)

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Apr 17 2006

Fitzgerald Loses Again, No INR Smoking Gun

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Update: One of the attachments (notes from the INR person at the Wilson briefing in Feb 02) confirms Wilson was sent to Niger by the CIA previously in 1999 (which we know was at the behest of Valerie) to investigate ‘uranium matters’ – which is an interesting story all in itself! You have to read […]

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Apr 17 2006

What He Said

Captain Ed Morrissey explains the unforced errors and the path to resolution on the immigration issue.  He notes that the protests did not help the pro-immigration movement – especially the ‘amnesty for citizenship’ group.  The ‘hard liners’ can get a major element of a solution with tougher borders, more penalties from employers, one strike you […]

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