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Apr 24 2006

McCarthy Lawyers Up

*** Captain Ed Morrissey has some excellent thoughts on this matter here. Interesting to see the good Captain was an FSO, so was I at one (brief) time. *** Well, this is a surprise. Mary McCarthy, who according to government sources admitted to exposing classified information to reporters, and possibly specifically Dana Priest of the […]

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Apr 24 2006

Beers: McCarthy Denying She Leaked

In a stunning reversal, Mary McCarthy is apparently denying she leaked CIA Prison story (even thoug, if she admitted to the act the CIA would have a signed statement to the contrary I would think): A former CIA officer who was sacked last week after allegedly confessing to leaking secrets has denied she was the […]

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Apr 24 2006

McCarthy Is A Serial Leaker

Update: Mac Ranger has insights from his inside sources as to the implications of this: To answer some emails, yes according to sources Mary will be prosecuted. I doubt that she will actually see trial as she will most likely squeal and squeal loudly. Now for the fallout. Her capture is key because of her […]

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Apr 24 2006

Bin Laden’s War On Islam-Egypt

The Islamo Fascists are nothing if not consistently tone death to politics. Blood is all they understand. Days after a tape purporting to be Bin Laden claiming the West is on a crusade against Islam, the terrorist open up their attack on….. An Islamic nation of Arabs called Egypt. CAIRO (Reuters) – A witness said […]

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Apr 24 2006

Michelle’s Hot Air

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Relax, that is what Michelle is calling a new conservative internet broadcast venture – Hot Air.  Sorry, don’t look for me to debut with my Hot Air, I plan to stay quietly behind the keyboard for now.  I wish Michelle good luck in her venture.

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Apr 24 2006

Knoxville Throws A Hero’s Welcome

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Take note America, Knoxville Tennessee demonstrated how to welcome home our militay men and women in grand fasion.  20,000 people came out to a welcome home parade! Up to 20,000 people turned out Saturday for a parade to welcome home the National Guard’s 278th Regimental Combat Team, providing a big-city atmosphere powered by small-town values. […]

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Apr 24 2006

Whistle Blowing The Right Way And The Wrong Way

I meant to point out something in the controversy over partisan leaks all dressed up to sound like whistleblowing, which I touched on in the previous post today. The left want to characterize the Wilson-Plame, NSA and McCarthy stories and whistleblowing. The problem is with this arguement – all ethe claims of wrongdoing where proven […]

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Apr 24 2006

Democrat Leak Damage

Update: Tom Maguire catches the irony of Pincus commenting on leaks regarding Plame (who else would know better!). End Update Why are Democrats defending the leaks? Their plan was to create scandals against Bush to undercut public support – and that plan is sort of working. But the plan can backfire if the public believes […]

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