Apr 16 2006

Media Cover Up In Iraq Is Criminal

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Mark In Mexico posted on this story regarding what the news media is NOT telling us about what is happening in Iraq:

An Iraqi officer of significant rank approached my translator as I quietly took notes near the banks of the Euphrates River, at a combat observation post named COP Dunlop. He knew I was an embedded American. He had a sense, perhaps, that I was a sympathetic soul, and he wanted to pass along an urgent message.
I learned he was an educated and successful man, an accomplished soldier, and quite knowledgeable about the affairs of the world. He had served under Saddam. He openly spoke about the likelihood of corruption in the new Iraqi Ministry of Defense.
And at a certain moment, he grew a little uneasy and blurted out what he had wanted to say from the beginning:

Why do you people not tell our story? Why do you not say what is going on? Why do you come to our country and see what is happening, you see the schools and the hospitals and you see the markets and you eat with Sunni and Shia soldiers – everybody eats together, everybody works together –you see that Saddam is gone forever and we are free to speak and complain.

    You see we are working and eating together and fighting together – Sunni and Shia – you see what we are building here, you see the votes we make as one people. Then you say to the world about a great war and horrible things and how we are all killing each other? We are not animals! We are Iraqis. Look around you! Look!

Yes, why is it we are not told of all the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds working together to build the new Iraq?  Is it our news media is corrupted by politics or simply inept?

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  1. Seixon says:

    The media isn’t interested in how Iraqis are doing, they’re only interested in splashing big headlines about “interesting” stories, such as killing and bombs.

  2. rocketsbrain says:

    A related thought from an Iranian girl.

    Lose the Army of Davids ! ! !

    Now Please!

    Anyone reading this thread should go immediately to Atlas Shrugs and see this plea from an Iranian girl in the comment thread that has more collective wisdom than all of the LL and MSM combined!


  3. liontooth says:

    We know the media is anti-American. They have been like that since Vietnam. So why isn’t Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, or someone else from the administration having a press conference on a DAILY basis and reporting this info? Why doesn’t the Administration pay for infomericials and run them on tv? ‘Selling’ this war is the President’s responsibility, not the media’s. Bush has done an abysmal job of explaining why it was necessary to go into Iraq and demonstrating the threat. Why is Capt. Ed paying for 2 translators to interpret Iraqi documents?

    Shouldn’t that be Bush and the RNC’s job?