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Apr 18 2006

Niger Forgeries, Joe Wilson circa 1999

Joe Wilson places himself in Niger right after the 1999 coup d’etat and then a year later, in 2000, when he returns after the current democratic form of government is in place. One key aspect of this is that transitional government between the coup d’etat and democratic rule is its name: The military officers retained […]

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Apr 18 2006

Joe Wilson, Dim Bulb

It is becoming clearer and clearer Joe Wilson is not what you might think of as an ‘intellectual’.  That would require having something akin to an ‘intellect’.  The guy is one of the worst liars I have ever seen.  My 6 year twins can make up better excuses than this bafoon.  In this recent post […]

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Apr 18 2006

Scowcroft, Grossman And The Wilsons

*** updates at the end *** What boggles the mind is how much context and background surrounding the Plame Game is missing in the news media and forced to come to light through bloggers. I am always disturbed when someone like me, posting on the margins of his free time, can unearth something with Google […]

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Apr 18 2006

Liberal Fairy Tales

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Richard Cohen enjoyed watching Al Gore’s fantasiful fairy tale about the coming doom of “Global Warming” (think of it in a deep, echoing voice): But a moment later, you will be captivated, then riveted and then scared out of your wits. Our Earth is going to hell in a handbasket. You will see the Arctic […]

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Apr 18 2006

A Generals Revolt?

Tony Blankley writes a bit strongly today on a possible conspiracy for by a series of US Generals and their revolt against the President and the Iraq policy: More specifically, can a series of lawful resignations turn into a mutiny? And if they are agreed upon in advance, have the agreeing generals formed a felonious […]

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