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Apr 05 2006

“Big Mouth” Bin Laden?

Too funny: A senior lieutenant to Osama bin Laden has told US interrogators that the al-Qa’eda leader’s big mouth was a security liability. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed also complained that the schemes bin Laden approved lacked destructive ambition. … According to Mohammed, bin Laden lacked inspiration and vision. The Saudi failed to understand the basic security […]

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Apr 05 2006

More Action Against Terrorists in Pakistan

Short update on the goings on in Pakistan’s norther Waziristan Province: Security forces have killed 16 miscreants and apprehended 19 others in North Waziristan Agency, says a military statement issued in Peshawar on Wednesday. However, militants have denied the claim of the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) and said four soldiers and five militants had […]

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Apr 05 2006

Fitzgerald Is Fumbling, Bumbling

Special Prosecutor Fitz-Magoo is facing a wall of problems has his case against Scooter Libby crumbles – at times thanks to his liberal propaganda allies. I started and then tossed a post on the news Fitz-Magoo knew Novak’s sources two months into his investigation. What I should have done is checked the timeline before tossing […]

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Apr 05 2006

Democrats Want Felon Immigrants As Citizens

Sorry for the light posting folks. Day long meetings again today and more tomorrow. Leaves little time (or energy) for blogging. The one bit of news I want to comment on today is via Powerline and Right Wing News concerning the Democrats idiotic decision to allow immigrants who convict a violent crime to not only […]

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