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Apr 20 2006

Raging RINOs Sited!

The raging RINOs were sighted at The Countertop Chronicles. Please stop by and see what all the commotion is about!

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Apr 20 2006

Miller/Bennet Response A Pearl Of Diversion

Color me confused. The Team Libby’s subpoena requests documents in the possession of the targets regarding any information they have on Plame and Wilson during specific times. Pretty clear cut focus couched in legalese. Here is the Miller subpoena, which one can argue is too broad and non-specific in item 2. Item 8 is tailored […]

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Apr 20 2006

Breakthrough In Iraq

Good news from Iraq today which I meant to post on earlier: Iraq’s prime minister will give up his nomination for a new term as head of the country’s new government, a senior member of his Shiite party announced, only a few hours before a long-delayed parliament meeting scheduled for Thursday was ultimately postponed by […]

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Apr 20 2006

USA: Let’s Have A Military Coup

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Brit Hume’s Grapevine had a sad testament to our education system and our society at large.  In a Fox Opinion Dynamics poll only 20% of respondents said the Military should not be led by civilians, and some ridiculous number, well over 50%, thought the military should decide. Stick a fork in the US of A.  […]

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Apr 20 2006

Fitz-Magoo Exposed In Time Filing

I know I show my age when use the Mr. Magoo moniker to describe the shortsightedness and tunnel vision of Fitzgerald’s ‘investigation’, but it is way too apt. Like the analogy of the blind men touching one part of an element to discern what it is, Fitzgerald did not investigate, he sifted and cherry picked […]

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Apr 20 2006

Chavez: “I Have A Gun Pointed At My Head”

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I expect lots of people recall the scene in the movie Blazing Saddles when black sheriff Bart, played by Cleavon Little, holds off a group of angry white cowboys by holding a gun to his own head and saying “Nobody moves or the nigger gets it.” Well, it seems Hugo Chavez is having one his […]

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Apr 20 2006

Fitzgerald Knows No Crime Committed

Robert Novak made what should be a stunning statement to the press, and those in the country not following the Plame Game closely: Fitzgerald knows that no crime was committed in providing Valerie Plame’s name to reporters and he has known this for years: Robert Novak said Wednesday that special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald knows who […]

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Apr 20 2006

A Call For Help From A Fellow Blogger

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Jim K at Right Thoughts is facing unusually challenging times in his life and has asked some fellow bloggers to link to his post asking for any support people can provide.  I don’t know Jim personally, but the story he has posted pulls at the heart strings.  So please stop by and see if there […]

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Apr 20 2006

Dems Spin In Face Of Serious Danger

The Democrats are so politically crass and o desperate they seem incapable of controlling their actions – even when the stakes are the lives of thousands or millions of people. Recall in the run up to Iraq Bush was a ‘unilaterist’ and did not engage the ‘International Community’(April 2004): John Kerry aimed a new volley […]

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