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Apr 13 2006

GWOT Hot In Waziristan

I have been saying for weeks, since Bush’s visit to Pakistan, that the place to watch this year is the Waziristan province in Pakistan. Mark Coffey caught this article from Christopher Hitchens (since I was NOT keeping my Waziristan the last day or so) highlighting some recent Al Qaeda Butt Whooping going on there: A […]

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Apr 13 2006

Polls Are Interesting Things

Immigration is looking to be a winner for Bush, but a possible loser for Reps as long as foaming-at-the-mouth types like Michael Savage are considered ‘conservative’. The reason is those who think illegal immigration is a crime on the par of robbery or assault (as opposed to not having a valid license) are a minority […]

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Apr 13 2006

Why We Cannot Let Government Take Care Of Us

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If there ever was a story that emphasized why government ‘care’ by nameless, faceless bureaucrats is abhorent, this is the one. Joyce Vincent was surrounded by Christmas presents and the television and heating in her bedsit were still on. The 40-year-old’s body was so decomposed that the only way to identify her was to compare […]

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Apr 13 2006

Iran Is Running Out Of Options

The Washington Post attempts to surrender to Iran’s nuclear capabilities, not realizing what they are really reporting is the fading hope of non-military solutions. As Iran takes a step closer to developing nuclear capacity, President Bush finds his options ever more constricted. The Iranians seem unfazed by U.N. statements. The Russians and Chinese won’t go […]

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Apr 13 2006

Democrat Dreams Of Taking The House Fade

Jay Cost at RCP noted yesterday that the special election to fill Randy “Duke” Cunningham’s CA seat did not bode well for Democrat hopes to retake the House this election year. Kudos to Jay because it seems the Washington Post agrees with his assessment that the poor showing by Democrats in a race ripe for […]

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