Apr 13 2006

Why We Cannot Let Government Take Care Of Us

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If there ever was a story that emphasized why government ‘care’ by nameless, faceless bureaucrats is abhorent, this is the one.

Joyce Vincent was surrounded by Christmas presents and the television and heating in her bedsit were still on.

The 40-year-old’s body was so decomposed that the only way to identify her was to compare dental records with a holiday photograph.

Police believe she probably died of natural causes in early 2003, and was only found in January this year when housing association officials broke into the bedsit in Wood Green, North East London.

They were hoping to recover the thousands of pounds of rent arrears that had piled up since her death.

To be put in the care of the government as a victim of domestic abuse and then left so alone no one notices your death for three years is criminal.  The eviction process seemed to go on auto pilot for so long that no one even thought to check in on the poor woman.  This is why bureacracy is the bane of humanity.  It is a necessary evil in many cases, but it is not a panacea.  It should be a desperate last resort.  Think about it, they only came for the money she owed.

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