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Apr 11 2009

Team Obama Is Experiencing DC’s Paralysis of Analysis Over Pirates

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Update: Finally, some small steps in the right direction: U.S. warships are trying to stop Somali pirates from sending reinforcements to a lifeboat where an American captain is being held hostage as the high-seas standoff off Africa’s eastern coast entered a fourth day Saturday. But sadly another step backwards: Pirates seized a U.S.-owned and Italian-flagged […]

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Apr 11 2009

Country Going Broke At Unsustainable Speed

President Obama and the Liberal Congressional democrats are on a path to bankrupt this country. Typically it takes many years to accumulate $1 trillion in national debt. It took over 200 years to accumulate the $9 trillion in debt that was reached under President Bush. 200 years! In the last month the US debt rose […]

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Apr 11 2009

Obama Administration Standing Strong Against al Qaeda In Iraq

While the far right melts down before our eyes, I am glad to see the Obama administration redoubling their efforts to bring total and final victory to Iraq. This is not a time for politically myopic hopes that President Obama to fail America and her fallen heroes.  There is simply too much at stake: April […]

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Apr 11 2009

Far Right Jumps The Shark – Updated

Update: If the Tea Party movement is being lost to the far right we will have lost a real opportunity to challenge the liberals. Key statment: If this is any indication of who’s trying to run the show, count me out. It’s hard enough being a conservative without this kind of baggage. Make sure to follow […]

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