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Apr 14 2009

Not A Conservative Anymore

People talk about tipping points. Today I have reached one with regards to the conservative movement and the GOP, due in no small part to the debacle started on the far right blogs regarding the DHS report I posted on earlier. To my chagrin two things happened with this story which ended my desire to be associated […]

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Apr 14 2009

The Threat Of Far Right Extremism – Updated!

Latest Update: Reader Colin from DHS comments below. Key points by which he debunks the entire shrillness emanating from the right today: The report is labeled “Rightwing Extremism”. It should not have been. It should not have been because it is not an accurate statement.  … Now, as I mentioned, this is not the first report of […]

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Apr 14 2009

Australia’s Top Earth Scientist Dismisses Global Warming Theories

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Crude and amateurish ‘science’ – that is how I sum up the views of one of the world’s top Earth Scientists regarding the debunked alarmist theories of man-made global warming. The conclusions of Dr. Ian Plimer are found in the article from down under (WUWT posted the whole article – which I believe is not proper unless they […]

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