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Apr 19 2009

Liberal Democrat Jobs Program – Example Of Wasted Money, No Jobs For America

This has the best example of why there are no jobs coming out of DC for average America. It seems a liberal Democrat Congressman by the name Jack Murtha has been wasting our hard earned tax money on an airport with his name on it: The John Murtha airport sits on a windy mountain two hours east […]

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Apr 19 2009

Reality Slams Global Warming Alarmists

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  I wish the conservative fanatics had not gone mad belittling the science of genetics and evolution for a lot of reasons. First off, ignorance is just not a plan, let a lone a national policy. 2nd, if you want to make the case for sanctity of life in the matters of Embryonic Stem Cell […]

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Apr 19 2009

The Wonders Of Humankind

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Humanity has been slapped upside its collective head with a hefty dose of humble pie and respect for the average person. We all know Hollywood (and its cousins across this globe) packages talent that combines creativity or awe inspiring gifts with something highly marketable. The ability to make money is the key, which is why […]

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Apr 19 2009

Obama’s And The Congressional Democrats’ Achille’s Heel

Bumped To Top For The Weekend There has been a slow moving train wreck in progress for months now, where the American people’s anger and frustration is on a collision course with Democrat policies enacted under President Obama. It is definitely not the poor picked on conservatives carping about government oppression from DHS – but […]

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Apr 19 2009

The Real Human Toll Of This Economic Disaster

One reason I became permanently fed up with the conservative remnants  of the movement started by Reagan is the fact that they have totally lost the context of the hurt spreading across this country. It was not simply the fact that the right went berserk on DHS in the exact same way the left went berserk on […]

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Apr 19 2009

Where Did All Our Tax Money Go?

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  One of our most inquisitive readers posed a great question the other day, which I think everyone in this nation should be concerned about. Reader Crosspatch noticed that our economy is not reacting as it should to the influx of all this tax payer money – and rightfully wonders where, then, is it going? […]

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Apr 19 2009

When Extreme Right And Extreme Left Meet

I am proud to host some of the smartest readers here at the Strata-Sphere. They constantly remind this humble centrist American that this country is best run from the  bottom up, and no one voice should override the collective will of the people. One such reader (trust me, most who comment here are in this […]

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