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Apr 02 2009

News Alert: Global Warming Caused By Mexican Lemons

This is a wonderful example to show mathematical and statistical illiterates that is not a good idea to take graphs at face value without understand the data and math behind them: I’ve seen a lot shakier plots used to justify some sweeping conclusions, and if those were justified, well, then I’m forced to conclude that Mexican lemons […]

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Apr 02 2009

Far Right Wants To Go Deeper Into The Political Wilderness

This is too funny: “If the Republicans can’t break out of being the right wing party of big government, then I think you would see a third party movement in 2012,” Gingrich said Tuesday. The speech, to a group of students at the College of the Ozarks in Missouri, was recorded by Springfield TV station […]

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Apr 02 2009

Dodd First Democrat To Fall?

Dominos – a really interesting hobby/sport. In those massive domino drops you never know where they will fall next (the designers do, but not those watching). Are we at a tipping point with the idiots in DC? Could be given how Senator Dodd (D-CT) is being politically crippled over the economic crisis and the failed […]

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Apr 02 2009

Historically Quiet Sun

“Not in our lifetimes“, that is something to ponder. Not in the lifetime of anyone alive today who was born in the year World War I started (1914) onward. Not in 96 years. Think about that. Think about the fact the automobile was in its infancy, so World War I included legions of cavalry (horse […]

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Apr 02 2009

“Man Caused Disaster” Strikes Children In Israel

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It seems we must equate “terrorism” (now aka “man caused disaster” – like there are no women terrorists or terrorism supporters) with the myth that CO2 is causing a warming of our global climate (which has actually been cooling for a decade). That is the only reason I see for the similarity between “man-made global […]

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Apr 02 2009

Obama Lied About Taxes On America

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People need to come to grips with the hard (and stunning) math – President Obama is planning to bankrupt this country even though he is also raising taxes like crazy. Too many Obama supporters think they are getting an income tax cut and are immune from paying more taxes because of ‘promises’ made by Obama. […]

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