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Apr 07 2009

Will The Right Learn Their Lesson? – Updated

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Update: I have always been a conservative independent. I came close under President Bush to finally joining a party again (was a democrat growing up). But the far right and their backstabbing of Bush reminded me of their backstabbing of Reagan – which reminded me too much of the far left ,which caused me to […]

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Apr 07 2009

The End Of The Global Warming Myth

The high Priests of the Church of Al Gore/IPCC have been predicting pending global doom for coming on 20 years now. There so called scientific models predicted if nothing was done about CO2 levels over that period the Earth would warm up by 0.6° C since 1988-90 (within the range of 0.4°-1.0° C). It never happened. […]

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Apr 07 2009

A Good Day In Iraq For President Obama

President Obama has always had the opportunity to really shine. Our country gives a lot of deference to the person sitting as Command-in-Chief (rightfully so). I am really glad to see two things on Drudge today and want to memorialize them as a good day for President Obama. The first is this heart warming picture […]

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Apr 07 2009

Religion Is Not God

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I am a spiritual person. I believe there is a force for good and destruction (a.k.a. evil). I believe these forces permeate everything living and elemental. I believe the forces of nature are an engine which produce wondrous and horrible events, conditions and change. I believe if one follows the path of ‘good’ one will […]

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