Apr 02 2009

News Alert: Global Warming Caused By Mexican Lemons

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This is a wonderful example to show mathematical and statistical illiterates that is not a good idea to take graphs at face value without understand the data and math behind them:

I’ve seen a lot shakier plots used to justify some sweeping conclusions, and if those were justified, well, then I’m forced to conclude that Mexican lemons have improved highway safety a great deal. The vitamin C, maybe? The fragrance? Bioflavanoids?

This is particularly tricky when you bring time into it, because things trend–as we get richer, we buy safer cars, get better emergency rooms, etc.  We also import more lemons to make our chi-chi cocktails and lemon meringue pies.  Overlay the two, and you’ve got a hell of a causal relationship.

The graph clearly shows that as Mexican lemon imports rose US traffic fataimports rose so did Global Temperatures. QED, Mexican lemons cause Global Warming (which is about as scientifically accurate and plausible as the nonsense produced by the Church of Al Gore/IPCC and lapped up by the uneducated masses who avoided science and math in school).

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  1. crosspatch says:

    Actually, we all know that global warming is caused by a lack of pirates. Pirates were on the decline until the late 1990’s … about the same time temperatures reached their peak. Recently pirate attacks have picked up in earnest in South Asia, Asia minor, and the Horn of Africa while we see global temperatures starting to drop.

  2. russellshih says:

    Years ago, while traveling extensively in Mexico, particuliarly on the old Pan-American Hiway, I slowly began to see the influence of the Mexican Lemon and Lime , many would fall of the trees and roll down the steep mountain sides and onto the road. Where the local natives would scramble to get their share of the tiny fruits. It quickly became obvious to me that the local natives were spending far to much time chasing the fast-moving tiny balls rolling down the mountain side. The reward was too little for the energy required to capture the little fruits. Suddenly, I realized a simply Al Gore truth—wasted energy leds to global warmings. Don’t know why I didn’t figure that out sooner—it took me 5 trips to the Mexican interior to finally see the light. Thank you Mr. Gore.