Sep 07 2008

2008 Election Poll News – McCain/Palin Lead In Polls Coming Soon! – Major Update!

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Major Update: Wow – it may be the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll that Sabato apparently had seen and it is a stunner! From an 8 point lead less than a week ago Obidenama are now at a 3% deficit:

On key snippet:

McCain has outpolled Obama on both Friday and Saturday …

No word on how the women’s vote is panning out, but I doubt it is very good. – end update

Larry Sabato was just on Fox (12:24 PM, 09_07_09) saying he has inside information that McCain/Palin will see a bigger bump coming out of the GOP convention than Obama, and at least one poll will be coming out showing McCain/Palin ahead by more than the margin of error (my guess this is the CBS/NY Times poll I posted on previously).

Update: Rasmussen has the race now down to a tie, with Obama still losing half his lead among the all important women’s vote. More importantly, McCain garners more GOP and crossover Dem votes than Obama does on his side:

McCain earns the vote from 89% of Republicans while Obama is supported by 81% of Democrats. McCain also manages to attract 15% of Democrats while Obama gets 9% of the Republican vote. Voters not affiliated with either major party remain fairly evenly divided between the two men.

It won’t take a lot of dem crossover or women moving to McCain/Palin to shift the electoral map in large leaps.

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  3. Terrye says:

    I think the lead will get bigger. I just hope McCain can maintain it.

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  5. WWS says:

    Some of the smears against Palin are getting downright hilarious! Here’s one out today: Palin fired the Wasilla librarian in 1996 because she refused to ban the Harry Potter books!

    This is getting e-mailed widely among the left, and the media types, but oops! The first Harry Potter book didn’t come out until 1998! Doesn’t matter to the people spreading this, any old rumour will do.

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