Jul 31 2008

Underground Railroad For Terrorists To Enter Europe?

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I ran across this article which had my alarm bells ringing. It discusses illegal immigrants being smuggled into Turkey, where they were heading their way into the heart of Europe. The alarm bells sounded when I noticed where these immigrants hailed from. Take special note of the blind liberal/socialist bleeding heart headline:

Voyage to hope ends in tragedy as 13 migrants die in trailer

Thirteen would-be illegal migrants’ quest for a better life ended in tragedy as they were found dead after suffocating in a stifling trailer packed with 130 migrants on the outskirts of Ä°stanbul early on Wednesday.

The trailer was carrying illegal migrants, mostly from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Myanmar, through Ä°stanbul to Greece.

Turkey is both a transit and source country for human smuggling. European countries are favored destinations for people seeking employment opportunities, due to increased rights given to migrants and the lack of heavy penalties for illegal entry in Europe.

As a country lying on the route to European countries, Turkey has become a center of human smuggling, particularly since the 1990s.

According to the Turkish Security Directorate, more than 500,000 illegal immigrants have been captured in the country over the past 10 years.

Emphasis mine. So we have 130 illegal immigrants coming out of the Islamo Fascist hotbeds of Afghanistan and Pakistan on their way to Greece, where they could conceivably head anywhere in Europe and possibly to the US. While I am sure some of these people are actually desperate illegal immigrants, I am also sure this is underground railroad opportunity for terrorists to sneak into Europe and cause serious havoc. I am also confident this is the tip of a very dangerous iceberg.

Hopefully the alarm bells went off in all the intelligence and security organizations in the West as well. One thing to remember about Saddam Hussein’s support network for terrorists were all the weapons caches he had in his embassies across Europe. When you connect these weapons caches with illegal immigrants from the hotbeds of world terrorism you get a very dangerous result. Saddam had the weapons for mass murder, and al-Qaeda had the suicide Jihadists. And as I noted in the link above, Saddam had connections with al-Qaeda’s number two, Ayman Zawahiri. Connect the dots and you get the picture.

Update: Dr. Rusty Schackleford over at Jawa Report correctly notes there are plenty of home grown Jihadists in Europe. But it does not make a lot of sense to ignore any potential threat – inside or out. In addition, with al-Qaeda leaving Iraq in defeat, their top leaders could ‘migrate’ to Europe to oversea activities there, making the homegrown threat more dangerous. With all due respect to my friend at Jawa Report – dismissing threats has proving to be a disastrous tact in the past.

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