Jul 21 2008

Leading Pakistan Party Blames Pakistani Intelligence For Increased Militancy In Tribal Areas

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One of the leading political parties in Pakistan has just accused the Pakistani Intelligence Service of fostering the deadly militants and foreign fighters in Pakistan:

Peshawar, July 20: Accusing the secret agencies of creating law and order situation in the Federally Administered Tribal areas (Fata), Awami National Party has asked the federal government to rein in the intelligence agencies to control the soaring militancy in the region.

“The people of tribal areas have been bearing the brunt of the ill-directed and flawed policies of the federal government,” said Abdul Lateef Afridi, ANP in-charge of tribal areas, at a news briefing after chairing a meeting of party Fata chapter meeting at Bacha Khan Markaz here on Sunday.

He added that on one hand tribal people lived under the constant fear of attacks by the Nato and US forces while on the other hand the secret agencies were fanning unrest there.

This is very interesting. It is the same as Democrat Leaders blaming the CIA for allowing terrorists to roam free in the US so they can kill people at will. Ponder this situation in light of the fact Afghan terrorists have been caught in Pakistan preparing to launch a massive suicide bomb attack:

Pakistani police arrested six Afghans and recovered 450 kg (about 1,000 pounds) of explosives and more than a dozen detonators during a raid in the southwest city of Quetta, security officials told Reuters on Monday. 

“They had a car ready, filled with explosives to strike in the city,” Mohammad Akbar Arain, the senior-most police official in Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan province. 

“I can’t give you exact details but I can tell you that their handler is not here but settled across the border,” he said, referring to Afghanistan.

How could these Afghan terrorists cross the border and set up shop in a major city if the Pak Intelligence Service was doing its job?  It should be very difficult. Of course, the arrests could have been executed at the behest of the Intelligence Service (ISI), but then again maybe the ISI is of two minds, two camps, at war with each other?

On a related note some are reporting the retreating foreign fighters trying to find sanctuary in the Pakistan tribal areas has grown to more than 8,000.

In a report presented to Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, it has been claimed that there were around 8000 foreign fighters present in the country, mostly in North and South Waziristan and Bajaur agencies.

More fish in the barrel as far as I am concerned. Keep an eye on these areas for some action to come.

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