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Dec 08 2007

Iraq Update 12/08/07

The last pocket of al-Qaeda fighters is being pressured in areas of the Northern Province of Diyala. Iraqi and Coalition forces have purged al-Qaeda from around Baghdad, from Anbar Province, from the capital city of Diyala (Baquba), herding them towards the Northern Iraqi border with Iran. As we herd them we decimate their forces. Recent […]

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Dec 08 2007

NIE Becoming A Howling Joke – UK Guardian Confirms The Three Amigos Of State Produced Rogue Opinion

As the SurrenderMedia tries to shore up the NIE on Iran’s nuclear, which is failing to convince anyone of import that Iran is now cuddly safe, they have gone well into science fiction and exaggeration. Everyone knows that T=three State Dept Amigos who authored this propaganda stunt were anti-Bush hangovers from the Clinton administration. And […]

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Dec 08 2007

No One Is Buying The-Staged-For-Media NIE, Restructure Our Intelligence Community

Most people are now well aware of the games the left is playing to stage media events like the NIE on Iran’s nuclear threat. The news is all about the first sentence (they stopped their weapons design program in 2003) as if Americans don’t go on to read the rest of it (they had a […]

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