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Dec 23 2007

Is UK Airline Terrorist Suspect Rauf Vacationing At GITMO?

The news of the ridiculously simple escape by a terrorist suspect in Pakistan struck me as very bizarre in every detail, as I noted in my first post. I tend to not want to speculate too much because some possible scenarios have interesting potential for our side. But reporting in the UK Times today does […]

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Dec 23 2007

Defending The Iraq Homeland From Invaders

In the fantasy world of the far left Iraqis are defending their homeland from the US invasion. But in the reality that is the streets of Iraq, defending the homeland from the brutal and violent invaders who maim and kill the Iraq people, who come to oppress them, is to fight al-Qaeda alongside America. This […]

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Dec 23 2007

Americans “Open” Their Minds To New Opportunity, Look Beyond The Partisan Zero-Sum Games

Evan Thomas has produced a real piece of irony today in Newsweek. He arrogantly calls it “The Closing Of The American Mind”. Of course a ‘closed mind” connotes someone unwilling to see potential, to grasp change, to recognize new opportunities. But what Thomas and Newsweek are guilty of is one of the most blatant cases […]

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