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Dec 13 2007

Success In Iraq Is Becoming Almost Unavoidable

The SurrenderMedia are starting to cave on Iraq just as the Dems are caving on the funding of the war effort to a successful conclusion. Imagine how things will be changing in 2008 when stories (and graphs) like the ones in this USA Today Op Ed are being perused across the nation this Holiday season: […]

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Dec 13 2007

More Signs Of al-Qaeda Abandoning Iraq

This media-touted last gasp of al-Qaeda in Iraq may be a farewell message, not an attempt to salvage a lost cause – because Iraq is a lost cause. al-Qaeda has basically organized the entire Iraqi population into a fierce and long term enemy. Their atrocities – used as PR stunts to get Western media attention […]

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Dec 13 2007

Iran Admitted “Civilian” Nuke Program Had Military Implications

Dennis Ross, a seasoned State Department veteran, reminds us that the “civilian” nuclear program everyone admits is ongoing in Iran (and of no cost-benefit to the country) was promoted by Iranians themselves to be dual use: In other words, the hard part of becoming a nuclear power is enriching uranium or separating out plutonium. And […]

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Dec 13 2007

Boehner: Immigration Still Killing GOP Efforts For 2008

GOP Minority Leader Boehner has admitted publicly what was clear for months now – the immigration debacle from last spring is killing the GOP fundraising efforts for 2008. Polls show the public holds congressional Republicans in low esteem. Boehner’s effort to craft a new agenda for Republicans remains under wraps. And in the minority leader’s […]

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