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Dec 06 2007

Dems Have Their Own House Page Scandals

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What did the Mark Folely incident teach dems? Apparently it taught them to cover up problems with those pesky pages.

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Dec 06 2007

War On Terror Update 12/06/07

Some stories folks might find interesting which probably won’t make the national news media (their too busy dealing with a Mormon Presidential candidate discussing religion in America to focus on our ongoing war efforts). First up we are getting great news from Pakistan on the efforts to purge that country of the Ilsamo Fascist waging […]

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Dec 06 2007

Dems Trying to Sneak War Funding Through Congress

The Democrat leaders in Congress have once again bet the house and lost in their uselessly lame attempts to appease their far left base and somehow not appear to be pulling the rug out from under our troops on the front lines. It is impossible to do both things at the same time, so the […]

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Dec 06 2007

Iraqis Still Uniting Against al-Qaeda

We are seeing more and more conferences and meetings across Iraq where the various tribal leaders from all the sects continue to meet and pledge alliance for Iraq and against al-Qaeda. The uprising, solidarity of Iraqis against al-Qaeda continues to spread. What an unbelievable shift from the days surrounding 9-11.

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Dec 06 2007

Cold War Myopia On Iranian Nukes

Addendum: I want to put this snippet from the recent NY Times piece at the top because it underlines what my points have been over the last few days. The post below outlines why we are right to question this sudden change in view on Iran. But my other recurring point is this NIE was […]

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