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Dec 04 2007

Iran NIE Is Not A Typical Intel NIE

Wild Speculation Alert: I have listed a lot of coincidental and circumstantial evidence in this post folks. I feel compelled to warn everyone when I see links to this NIE and Valerie Plame! It seems the NIE was NOT a consensus view of the US Intelligence Community but a hack job by some folks with […]

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Dec 04 2007

Pollyannish Intelligence Is Dangerous, The NIE Is Flawed

I am wondering if the same mental fog and political ambition that blinded the Intel Community to 9-11 (and the fall of the Soviet Union, the WMDs Iraq (both the nukes NOT being there in the 1990’s and then the nukes being there in 2002) is at work again in this questionably timed leak of […]

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Dec 04 2007

Bogus Election Results In Russia

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I am pretty sure the Russian people support Putin and his policies and did vote for him his party in large numbers. I am also damn sure the voters in Chechnya are NOT supportive of Putin since they continue to vie for succession from the Russian Federation. So the election results from Chechnya are clear […]

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Dec 04 2007

We Can Now Measure al-Qaeda’s Presence In Iraq

We have seen months of declining violence in Iraq as al-Qaeda’s one time allies – and continuously victims – have turned against them. Now al-Qaeda has decided to go for broke in Iraq and increase their massacring of fellow Muslims. They must think this is the only way to avoid defeat, since their defeat in […]

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Dec 04 2007

Iraq Refugees Ran From al-Qaeda, Not Just US “Occupation”

Boy, the indications from Iraq on what has really been happening in that country since al-Qaeda tried to destabilize it with mass bombings and attacks on Shiia religious sites is sometimes just stunning. The ‘conventional wisdom’ (a.k.a. liberal delusions promulgated in the SurrenderMedia) has been the refugees from Iraq have were chased out by the […]

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Dec 04 2007

Iraq Declares Its Independence Day In 2008

Iraq has determined, given the progress in purging the Islamo Fascists associated with al-Qaeda, that the US presence in Iraq can be dialed back at the end of 2008: The Iraqi Cabinet agreed Tuesday to ask the United Nations to extend the authorization for U.S.-led forces in Iraq through the end of next year, but […]

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Dec 04 2007

Top al-Qaeda Leader In Iraq Killed

Of course when we see the top al-Qaeda leader in Iraq killed it is always not an Iraqi. This latest dead leader, Abu Maysara, was a Syrian: A man killed during fighting in Iraq last month was a key figure in the al-Qaeda in Iraq movement, the US military has said. Abu Maysara, a Syrian, […]

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Dec 04 2007

Afghanistan Update 12/04/07

Some good news is coming out of Afghanistan now that it and Pakistan seem to be the new focus on the war on terror. As I mentioned yesterday it seems al-Qaeda and its associate groups and fighters are heading to the region after their defeat in Iraq. So clearly Americans should monitor events in the […]

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Dec 04 2007

al-Qaeda Running Out Of Troops In Iraq, Uses Child Soldiers

There is a famous picture of Hitler in Berlin at the end of the war reviewing ‘the troops’. The problem was Germany was out of troops, so Hitler sent the children of Germany – you can see the picture here. History does repeat itself. Previously I noted there has been a significant reduction in replacement […]

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Dec 04 2007

Embryonic Stem Cell Snake Oil Continues To Flow

Just a reminder that I have a BS degree in Biology so I am fairly qualified to give my opinions on the Stem Cell debate. With that said, I do not use much of my degree in my career as Systems Engineer for NASA and the DoD – but I did do biological research under […]

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