Dec 06 2007

Dems Have Their Own House Page Scandals

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What did the Mark Folely incident teach dems? Apparently it taught them to cover up problems with those pesky pages.

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One Response to “Dems Have Their Own House Page Scandals”

  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    In an act of political timing and gotch Foley became an issue because of a couple of emails and IM’s that showed he was potentially acting gay.

    Outrage was expressed and Foley resigned. Political mileage was made by all who could.

    But then why the inconsistent position by Dems on other gay items.

    Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

    The services have to try to administer programs for what is the 4% of gays who wish to enlist out of about 3% of the nations population.

    So Foley gets in trouble for talking to pages and then the Boy Scouts lose their lease in Philly for not allowing gays in close contact with minors.

    Logical disconnect or agenda tactics.

    Of course an openly gay Philly mayor has no bias at all on the subject.