Sep 30 2007

New Star Trek Movie, Probable Dud

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It is amazing what you can get when you Google ‘terror’. It seems a new Star Trek movie is in the works and it will include a Rider of Rohan as the Romulan leader.

Instead it looks like we’re getting one of the long-haired Riders of Rohan as the Romulan leader – the same guy who more recently played a long haired Indian/Viking in the horrible Pathfinder. Yes, that’s right. According to IESB, Karl Urban is the name being tossed around to play the leader of the Romulans. Take that Kirk – a better looking villain than you!

Well there are so many things wrong with this article or post it is pretty funny. Karl Urban is becoming quite a star in his own right. He played the Russian hit man in the second Bourne movie (Supremacy) and the power hungry Necromanger commander from . The least someone can do is list the successful movies someone has starred in.

Anyway, it seems the movie is going to be a retro-look back to the days of Kirk and Spock:

According to industry speculation found on IESB, J.J. Abrams is set to cast 28-year-old Pennsylvania native Mike Vogel (who has appeared in such movies as Poseidon and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake) as Captain James T. Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek movie, a role made famous by William Shatner on the TV series from 1966 to 1969.

There is no reason to go back and do Spock and Kirk when there is an entire new universe out there to explore. And there many well known and successful crews to tap. The Next Generation crew was really an excellent crew once they got past their first season jitters (mostly from the two decade Trek gap that made the new show a tall order to fill). But the crew saw some amazing episodes and movies.

The Star Trek ‘owners’ never tapped into Deep Space 9 or Voyager for the movies, and should have. These two shows were also highly successful. LJStrata and I are really enjoying Star Trek Enterprise on our 106″ diagonal DLP theatre (projection). That show was cancelled way too soon. But if you want to go retro ST Enterprise is the way to go.

The entire premise of Star Trek was to explore new worlds. Why not take a leap and build a whole new crew and explore them? It seems trying to recreate Kirk, Spock, Bones (now deceased), Scotty (now deceased), Uruha, Sulu, Checkov and many more is a monumental mistake. You can’t recreate it. And if you violate Star Trek history the fans will chew you alive. And this movie intends to do just that it seems. I think this will be the very first Star Trek release I have not looked forward to since I started watching the original in 1966. And it won’t be any of the stars’ faults. It will be the fault of whoever decided to remake Captain Kirk and Co. No wonder Russel Crowe would not take the role Urban is now taking.

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  1. scaulen says:

    Forget going back and re-doing Kirk and Spock, Hollyweird should be working on the Han Solo adventures before he got corrupted by Luke and company. Now that would kick twice as much asci!!!

  2. stevevvs says:

    Hollywood should be making movies that support our Military during this time of war, as they use to do. My, how times have changed.
    Also, a few serious films on Islam and it’s teachings would also be welcome news.
    Of course, neither will happen.

  3. Mike M. says:

    I always liked the idea of taking the entire TNG/DS9/Voyager cast (or at least the best of them) and doing a Federation Civil War/Secession film.

  4. Terrye says:

    What is this new Rendition movie? I got the feeling it is one of those evil government picks on little guy kind of stories Hollywood is so fond of.

  5. WWS says:

    DS9 was (in my opinon) the best of them – that was the series that dared to wonder whether or not the Federation really was as morally superior and wise as all the other series simply assumed that it was. Fortunately, Brannon Braga had nothing to do with it, as I’ve always felt he was one of the worst things to ever happen to Trek.

    Let Ron D. Moore write a Trek movie – now he’s the only writer today who I think could really do it justice! FYI, he was the writer responsible for most of the Klingon-centered episodes of both TNG and DS9.

  6. sjreidhead says:

    Kudos to AJ Strata for having the sense of humor to go along with this thread and let everyone have a little fun this weekend.

    You got that right. We have an entire story-line from DS9 to wrap-up. What happened to Sisko? And, as I wrote in The Pink Flamingo yesterday, what is going to happen to the Federation?

    This new one is going to be a turkey. I fear it will kill the franchise for another twenty years. By the time they get around to making another movie, I’ll be too old to stand in line in the sleet the way I did for STTMP.

    SJ Reidhead
    The Pink Flamingo

  7. Mark_for_Senate says:

    Basically, Hollywood is intellectually vapid. Few, if any, new ideas, new concepts or imagination. Truly pathetic.