Sep 06 2006

Hezbollah Violating UN And Cease Fire Agreement

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Is anyone surprised Hezbollah refuses to disarm in accordance with UN resolutions and agreements? Not me. Expect the Islamo Fascists to put on a grand show of violence and obstinance and preening for the US media in the run up to our elections. They hope a show of force will scare America into voting Democrat so we can run away with our tails tucked in. They think if they bang their chests and scream and kill we will pull ‘A Lamont” and retreat at any costs.

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  1. HaroldHutchison says:

    Two words for Hezbollah: Sixth Fleet.

    Two more words for Hezbollah: Alpha Strike.

  2. Retired Spook says:

    I realize mine is only ONE VOTE, but it will NOT be a vote in favor of retreating. I invite everyone who values liberty to join me.

  3. lurker9876 says:

    I am not surprised but Captain’s Quarters pointed out that Germany has gained the right to search for arms and Hezbollah is screaming, “Fire”!

    Retired spook, I accept your invitation.

  4. Retired Spook says:

    Harold, remember Hezbollah’s view of the 6th Fleet in January, 1984. It was actually the New Jersey that was on station off Beruit, but I couldn’t find a picture of her that was this good. Too bad they’re all retired. There’ll probably never be a sight like this again.

  5. Terrye says:

    I don’t know if they want to get the Germans riled up or not. They have been typical Eruopeans for awhile now, but once upon a time they were not the people to miss with.

  6. Carol_Herman says:

    On par with putting lipstick on a pig to help it fly.

    Lebanon learned its lessons. Instead of blowing up the terminal; the Israelis just made pot hole scars on the tarmac. Already fixed.

    In orther words, you can take this example. And, extrapolate. If the IDF wanted to, it would have destroyed the billion dollar terminal. And, there wouldn’t be planes flying in and out. Back and forth. To ferry passengers.

    What Israel did was give the lebanese a reason to see they prices they pay to stay under syria’s thumb. Is this serious? Of course! You Bet! And, assad’s taken to blowing up car caravans, again. (Missing taking out a lebanese minister who does not support the syrians.) Eventually, the lebanese will catch on.

    It’s their barn door, ya know? All the money in their banks, if it goes flying out again, makes investment dollars that much harder to win back, again.

    So, I stopped worrying about this, in the altogether.

    Instead? While I have no idea how the future works out. Because of the nature of probabilities; it still’s a good bet that the oil kingdoms run out of their stocked shelves. And, while oil is abundant around the world. It’s not as easily accessible. So down the road? A lot of sand fleas will look at Africa. And, see what hitler saw in 1940. Or even before! That’s why he headed into the Mideast. It was his plan to conquer and enslave africa. Shoot across to South America. And, up South America; to ATTACK America in double flank manuever. Up Texas. And, through the Atlantic Coast. While the Japs were primed to take our Pacific Coast. And, maybe? Climb the Colorado peaks.? Or stay behind. And, be happy with controlling ALL of the Pacific LAND MASS. Which is HUGE. In comparison to the eastern seashore.

    Such were the plans. That went awry.

    But the next time? Right now ALL of africa is being threatened by islam. Which seems to go after Blacks, one tribe at a time. Blacks haven’t figured out how to stop Darfur. Or any other holocaust.

    So, here. I’ll give you one of my clues.

    We won’t avoid the “big war.” We won’t avoid the nukey-nukes. But we will see that the europeans lay they, like dead loxes. Taken over by Islam. Would will really screw things over, but good.

    Violence, as a general rule, lasts about 30 yeas. That’s the GREEK lesson. REALLY. From the ancient Greeks. Whose own democracy had a bad period called the “30 years of the tyrants.” Tyrants grow old. And, their structures collapse.

    While Israel will still hold the keys.

    Islam is a very destructive force. But what they’re destroying now, at a very fast clip, are all the civilization in africa. It’s okay. Go back to sleep. Nobody notices.

    But in the future, the real new continent will be AFRICA. And, it will get White Settlers who will put out the trash.

    How will it look? Given the riches of the continent, there; I’ll say it will look like the American Wild West for a time. And, then? We’re back in control, again. With democracy, as best it can being the horse with the rider in the lead saddle.

    You don’t think so? Do I care? You’re more than welcome to dream your own dreams.

    But in the short term, the Man Upstairs is giving the Israelis a LEG UP. On how to deal with these various forms of tyranny. All based on the anti-Semitism model originally cooked up by the Catholic Church.

    I am reminded, when Thomas Paine wrote his COMMON SENSE, b ack in 1775, his major thesis was that we had the RIGHT to break the CONTEACT with King George BECAUSE HE FAILED TO DEFEND US. In other words, the Monarchy was at fault for not coming to the aid of the Americans. Even though Old George swore an oath of office.

    Contracts are two way streets. And, the Guy Upstairs “pays attention,” even in the world of probabilities. Or Niels Bohr was wrong when he told Einstein “to stop telling God what to do.”

  7. joeg2006 says:

    I think the bottom line still is that we are vulnerable and we have to start protecting ourselves. For a good source on how to protect yourself and your loved ones check out TechnonLLC’s website

  8. pull says:

    Terrorist groups should not be “ruling” sectors of nations. This increases the demand for terrorism. Hezbollah is a terrorist group. It was financed and created by Iran. It is a proxy arm of Iran.

    First, we should admit our past mistakes here. We screwed up on Lebanon. We turned tail and left. We let our own people die and we ran away. This directly inspired Osama Bin Laden and many terrrorists since. Hard facts. I wish they were not true. They are true and they have to be faced.

    Lebanon is one of the few countries where we have had a real chance to stabilize the Middle East.


    Because of the massive Christian population, of course.

    What we need to do is to go into Lebanon and cleanse it of the Hezbollah. The world should know: terrorism does not work.

    Today, we see the terrorists are winning in Philistine and Lebanon. We see Hamas and Hezbollah in power. We have not dealt with these groups. Hamas never should have been able to be elected. Hamas should have been finished with ten years ago.

    I was hoping… post-9/11… we would start to go out and kill terrorists wherever they may be, en masse. I was saddened to see we did not have the guts to do this.

    I don’t think anything has changed today. I don’t think we will catch our wind again until something much bigger hits us. I don’t think we have it in us.

    And this is “okay”. This is human.

    (I should lastly note that it is not just Islamist terrorists who are showing ‘terrorism works’ and are ruling their own countries… but also the very vicious and violent Colombian FARC. Which we do nothing against, just about. And South America is in serious trouble. All they need in Venezula to really put the hurt on us.)

  9. Mark78 says:

    Once again I want to express my admiration for your analysis on this site. I am more and more impressed each day, particularly with your coverage of the Plame story.

    Interested in seeing “where” you work once you decide to let us all know.


  10. MerlinOS2 says:


    Some here may know who the misterious AJ is, but they ain’t telling.

    Actually AJ has given several hints, he works somehow related to NASA.

    I don’t know and I will tell you that upfront.

    But like anything else it would be an interesting challenge that at this point we have soooooo little to go on. Sort of like where in the world is…….

    Even if I were to figure it out, and AJ knows how much I can deal with the smallest of trivial facts. I would only communicate my guess to him for confirmation or denial. I would not air it and I would express his choice.

    Now only if we can get him to give us the hint of the week…(big grin)!

  11. AJStrata says:


    As Merlin said I work on NASA projects. That\’s about all you will get out of me I am afraid!

    But many thanks for the comments – much appreciated.

  12. MerlinOS2 says:

    Satire on


    Actually you have given more data points than that!

    I currently have picked up 14 specific data points that are damnable evidence.

    Also I have dillegintly worked on elimination of suspects.

    Base on timeing of your posts by their timestamps I have by personal observation I have eliminated the following from the suspect list.

    Your are not GWB or Tony Snow , they were on air and nowhere near a keyboard when you were posting. Same for Opfrah and Mother Sheehan.

    Computerized textual analysis similar to the Shakespeaker chronicles have also revealed a low correlation of you being Howard Dean or Ned Lamont or Charlie Rangle……..

    More analysis to follow.

    A few down , a bunch more to go… but the force is with us!

    Satire off

  13. Retired Spook says:

    have also revealed a low correlation of you being Howard Dean…

    How about Howard Dean’s alter ego? Actually, I don’t care who AJ is or where he works. I appreciate his astute grasp of politics and national security issues. He and I are on the same page more often than not, and even when we’re not, I respect his opinion.