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Aug 22 2005

Able Danger, Slade and Phillpott, XIX

I was watching Sen Slade Gorton on O’Reilly make a complete fool of himself by getting out on a limb and saying there is nothing at all to the Able Danger story, and had to come post an update. I believe there is something here because of all the strange responses in 2000 and now. […]

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Aug 22 2005

Stem Cell Breakthrough – No Embryos

Instapundit had this posted and the Mrs, LJStrata, sent it to me as well. This is really a great breakthrough for stem cell research. The adult stem cell (or on this case, post-birth-human) sources have always been the better option so as to tailor any replacement cells or tissues specifically to the patient by using […]

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Aug 22 2005

Able Danger Round Up, 08/22/05

Boy, you take one weekend off to get the kid to college (and have a day at the nearby amusement park and half a day at the beach – it wasn’t all work) and the Able Danger story shifts mightily. Or did it? Reviewing the news and blogs it would seem we are on a […]

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Aug 22 2005

Democrat Implosion Continues

I guess the word ‘implosion’ implies a rapid collapse, where I am using it to refer to internal pressures ready to burst the party apart. The collaps will be quick once the pressure hits a terminal level, but I guess we are not quite there yet. But getting close. Cindy Sheehan’s leftward fringe comments have […]

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Aug 22 2005

RINOs On The Run!

RINOs have been sited rampaging and partying up a storm over at The World According to Nick. Go stop by and see what all the noise is about. Those pesky RINOs seem to be up to no good!

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Aug 22 2005

Iraq Has A Constitution (?/!)

I mentioned last week, when the Iraq Constitution was not reached on schedule, that the delay would add a lot of drama and focus to the event – making a successful end even more potent. Well now we can see if this is correct since Fox News is now reporting that there is a constitution […]

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Aug 22 2005

Sheehan & Co. Stealing The Dead

This is getting truly repulsive, and it seems the silent majority of families who have lost brave family members in our war on terror are starting to stand up and take back the memory of their fallen loved ones. Qualls’ frustration with the anti-war demonstrators erupted last week when he removed a cross bearing his […]

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