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Aug 30 2005

Matters with Hosting Matters

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I truly apologize for the down time on this site. I am one day away from telling Hosting Matters to take a hike. I can understand one, maybe two days of problems. But we are now into our fourth day of really spotty service and they have no answers. All they say is they deal […]

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Aug 30 2005

Carnival Of The Clueless

Number 12 of the Carnival of The Clueless is up and is full as ever. We are only human, you know.

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Aug 30 2005

Able Danger, Major Update

In the past week we have seen some major news coming out of WTOP channel 9 here in the DC area. Today’s is a real stunner The Pentagon appears to have reversed its position on Able Danger, the Army intelligence collection team. A Pentagon spokesman now says “there’s no reason to doubt the specific recollections” […]

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Aug 30 2005

Buchanan The Wacko

I tell you what, it never bothered me when Pat Buchanan left the Republican Party. I guess he can claim he is back again, it is a volunteer organization. But at least an independent conservative like me can say he is not really a republican. He can be so unstable sometimes. Buchanan is stomping his […]

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