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Aug 12 2005

Able Danger, Jersey Girls Update VIII

Well, Jim Geraghty at TKS has now joined the hunt and it is always an eye opener when the professional bloggers jump in with their resources and experienced insight. I was really curious about how the Jersey Girls would respond to the news about Able Danger. I have winced at their push to blame 9-11 […]

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Aug 12 2005

Sunni Silliness In Iraq

I am not sure what the Sunni’s are expecting out of this strange political move, but they seem to be upset about federalism creating a divide in Iraq. Angered by Shiite calls for a federal region, Sunni clerics urged followers Friday to vote against the constitution if it contains measures they believe would divide the […]

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Aug 12 2005

Rolling Up Fanatical Islam

It is good to see actions finally beginning to really take hold in Europe to roll up the most vocal and visible preachers of hate and murder. Britain launched a crackdown on foreign-born Islamic ideologues yesterday, arresting 10 of them and announcing they would be deported for posing a threat to national security. … Clarke […]

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Aug 12 2005

Able Danger, Iraq Update VII

Massive kudos to Ed Morrissey for an excellent find of something absolutely critical to the 9-11 commission’s now bogus conclusions. I was a bit doubtful when the good Captain jumped from the Able Danger story to Iraqi connections to Atta (look whose talking, I jumped straight to Bergler!). But with this find I think the […]

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Aug 12 2005

How To Kill Labor Unions

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The best way to kill off labor unions is to have them go out of their way in a selfish act and make life miserable for tens of thousands of people. At least 70,000 travelers were left stranded Friday as British Airways canceled all flights to and from Heathrow Airport after catering staff, baggage handlers […]

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Aug 12 2005

Able Danger, Gorelick Update VI

This story seems to continue at warp speed and heading straight at Berger/Clarke/Gorelick. First, a reminder that all my posts on this subject can be found here (sorry, some are quite long) Today’s item concerns a reminder by Debrah Orrin at the NY Post that the Gorelick ‘wall’ memo did not go over well with […]

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Aug 12 2005

The Council Has Spoken

This week’s best posts have been selected by the Watcher’s Council. The top post for in the council category was a great piece by The Education Wonks on wasteful spending in Alaska (anyone want to buy a bridge?). The second best post in for the week in this category was from The Gates of Vienna […]

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