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Aug 15 2005

Check this out!

Check out the Caption Contest on Commonwealth Conservative!

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Aug 15 2005

Iraqi Constitution Delay

I am not going to make this long and drawn out – the Iraqis have some tough final issues to work out on autonomy (federalism), the role of religion and Islam (women’s rights to a major degree) and oil revenues (spread the wealth). They have given themselves a week. All indications are they are close. […]

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Aug 15 2005

Able Danger, Danger Speaks? Update XIII

While it appears Rep Weldon may have given his pet issue on Able Danger a few mortal blows this weekend (see here for one), it may be the case the story can (and probably should) go on without him. Rick Moran has a truly fascinating find on the website Intel Dump. Here is the snippet […]

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Aug 15 2005

Weldon A Foot Into Mouth

Those of us remaining few who still want the complete answers on Able Danger have always had a problem in that Curt Weldon was the Congressional face on this topic. Prone to go off half cocked, with a heavy dose of exaggeration thrown in, Weldon can take any issue and in the end over shadow […]

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Aug 15 2005

Able Danger, Data Mining Update XII

For those slogging through my posts this will be a present surprise – short and sweat. The Boston Globe has a good article out on a precursor program to Able Danger using Data Mining. One bit of advise – the SW ‘expert’ who claims Data Mining could not identify a target is full of it. […]

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Aug 15 2005

The Un-Sheehans

Only the leftward fringes could concoct and image of George Bush as some uncaring, greedy monster who doesn’t really feel the pain and loss of those who have sacrificed loved ones in this ongoing War on Terror. The NYPost has a short story out today to counter all the liberal MSM myths with a dose […]

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Aug 15 2005

Is It ‘Us’ Over World Peace?

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I understand that many Israelis are not happy with the Gaza pullout, and many who gambled and built their homes there want to stay. But what does it mean when a few stand in the way of the best chance to cool off the middle east and stop the bloodshed” From the Washington Post today […]

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Aug 15 2005

RINOs Have Been Sited!

Raging RINOs have been sited stomping around at John Cole’s Balloon Juice. Stop on by and get a taste of RINO.

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