Aug 22 2005

Iraq Has A Constitution (?/!)

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I mentioned last week, when the Iraq Constitution was not reached on schedule, that the delay would add a lot of drama and focus to the event – making a successful end even more potent. Well now we can see if this is correct since Fox News is now reporting that there is a constitution for Iraq coming today:

Kurdish lawmaker Mahmoud Othman (search) said officials had made some progress in a morning negotiating session on some controversial issues and that a second afternoon session would be “decisive.” A Shiite television station quoted Vice President Adil Abdul-Mahdi (search) as saying “major breakthroughs” had been made and the draft would be submitted to parliament Monday.

This good news for everyone, but especially for George Bush and his global push against terrorism. A democrat Iraq partnered with a democrat Afghanistan (and Lebanon and who knows which other ME and Muslim countries) and the US against islamic extremists would be a major success. To realize the enormity of our efforts in four short years since 9-11 is to recall the world structure prior to 9-11 and see how it has changed for the better.

So there is a lot riding on this milestone for Iraqis. And we will find out which path they take within hours. Fox is reporting they have some potions: another delay, submitting a mostly complete draft constitution (are they ever ‘done’?), or submitting a final product. I hope it is the last, but given this is democracy at work, I can live with anything that avoids civil war and losing Iraq to Bin Laden’s spiritual followers.

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  1. […] Somehow reaching the Bush imposed constitution milestone is all that matters to the right wing blogosphere (see Strata-Sphere) but it sure should give foreign policy realists pause: (Washington Post) Key provisions of the draft would formalize an already autonomous Kurdish state in the north, under a federal system. The rest of the country also would be allowed to form federal systems — opening the way for the demand by the dominant Shiite Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq to create a southern Shiite sub-state out of up to half of Iraq’s 18 regions. […]