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Aug 26 2005

Able Danger Round Up, 08/26/05

UPDATE: The MinuteMan informed me (via a wave of referals) that I was on target with the connections between Atta and Rahmed and others. Here is the news from Slate: ‘Able Danger’ Ball Advances: Fox News reports on this morning’s press conference with J.D. Smith, the latest Able Danger figure to step forward. Smith, a […]

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Aug 26 2005

The Council Has Spoken

The Watchers Council has selected the best posts for the week, here are the complete results. The winner in the Council Category was An Open Letter to Cindy Sheehan by Gates of Vienna – a must read. Second place went to Shame, the Arab Psyche, and Islam by Dr. Sanity. In the non Council Category […]

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Aug 26 2005

Carnival of The Hillbillies

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The Carnival of The Hillbillies is up! So please check it out over at Don Suber’s place.

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