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Jul 26 2005

Iraq Warns Syria

Ed Morrissey posts on something I have been waiting to hear for a year now – Iraq giving Syria a clear and unmistaken warning to straighten up or Iraq will help them straighten up (with our assistance – of course). Here is the snippet from a cnn article Iraq’s defense minister criticized Syria on Tuesday […]

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Jul 26 2005

And The Award Goes To..

The winner in the category of “Caused the Most Killings and Maimings in Modern Times” is [drum roll….] Palestinians and their enablers on the left! Come on down and get your trophy! From Dennis Prager at Creators, thanks to the folks at RealClearPolitics In the last few weeks, innocent men, women and children have been […]

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Jul 26 2005

Bolton – Finally?

OK, we have had the “Bolton Recess Appointment” fire drill three times before that I know of (because I posted on it each time here, here and here). So what makes this time different? Nothing as far as I am willing to guess. The White House signaled on Monday that President Bush may bypass the […]

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Jul 26 2005

Amnesia International

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I ran across this post at Publius Pundit about Amnesty Internationals Latest,…er lamest attempt to address the inumane violence of the terrorist insurgency (as opposed to the inhumane violence of America). The only thing I can say is the must have amnesia because now they cannot even differentiate between Americans liberating 50 million people from […]

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Jul 26 2005

Oh The Cluelessness!

The Cluelessness never ends at Right Wing Nut House – see the carnival here.

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Jul 26 2005

Around The Watchers Council

Light posting most of the day, so the timing is right for a round up post. I recently joined the Watchers Council and wanted to learn more about my fellow council members. So I did a little tour of their sites and was humbled to find some incredibly gifted bloggers. So let me introduce you […]

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