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Jul 01 2005

Stealth Poll

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Ed Morrissey has a post on something that really disgusts me. I can understand the MSM having a liberal bias because it is 70-90% liberal in its staff make up and they ‘think’ they are mainstream. But when CNN and USA Today bury news of their own poll because it shows a shift towards Bush […]

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Jul 01 2005

Kennedy Is The Quagmire

A truly excellent commentary in today’s LA Times which is a must read. David Gelernter reminds us that quagmires are not a military situation, they are political state of mind. “Quagmire” is not a state of war but a state of mind. So the senator’s words aren’t necessarily wrong, they are merely irresponsible and potentially […]

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Jul 01 2005

Replacing O’Connor – Brown?

Why did all the big hitting news this week hit on the days I was flying? So we now have one confirmed justice to replace. I find it interesting Rehnquist was not first, but I am sure the Bush and administration and the GOP senate wanted to establish some precedence on ‘extraordinary circumstances’ (the filibuster […]

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