Jul 26 2005

Around The Watchers Council

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Light posting most of the day, so the timing is right for a round up post. I recently joined the Watchers Council and wanted to learn more about my fellow council members. So I did a little tour of their sites and was humbled to find some incredibly gifted bloggers.

So let me introduce you to the Council Here are selections from their sites (Sites listed alphabetically as they are on my blog roll for the Council)

Carpe Bonum has a post on the problems in San Diego’s political leadership (where my sister lives)

e-Claire has a great post on the cognitive disconnects regarding the war on terror

The Education Wonks have a great post on how a local business replaced a local school in disrepair

Gates of Vienna has a post on old soldiers (and in my case old wannabes) and how they don’t fade away – but should be up there fighting too.

Rhymes With Right has a post questioning why the school systems are becoming daycare/welfare organizations and not schools.

Right Wing Nut House has a post introducing us to some of Plame’s CIA buddies out in the press making noises.

The Glittering Eye has a post discussing the Tancredo comments on Mecca

The Sundries Shack rightfully questions Dianne Sawyers motives in bringing back a horrific night for one child.

Wallo World has a book review of intrigue regarding two very important discovers in science, Tacho Brahe and Johannes Kepler. Being a space geek this caught my eye – what can I say.

And Watcher, head 0f the Council who was already in a previous post of mine, has this one also on Tancredo’s comments.

Enjoy these great sites today.

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  1. Dave Schuler says:

    Thanks for the link, AJStrata. And, may I say, this is a fabulous idea. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I think I’ll do the same. Probably a Sunday or Monday feature.

  2. dymphna says:

    Welcome to the Council. It looks like Dr. Sanity bowed out. She sure is a busy woman!

    But her leaving doesn’t make *your* task any easier. For the most part, you’ll grapple with the question of whom to choose as first, never mind second…and the non-council posts are just as difficult.

    One great advantage: you’ll get to see blogs you might not have stumbled across on your own. Another advantage is the opportunity to promote something you think is genuinely good, even if it doesn’t win. Like the time I nominated Dennis the Peasant. That man is hilarious….

    Have fun!