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Jul 27 2005

NASA Discovers Its Limitations

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And they appear to be mostly PR problems. Since NASA is my day job I tend to stay away from posting about it because, to be honest, I blog to get away from work. Full disclosure, I do not work on anything related to Shuttle and therefore I get my news the same way you […]

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Jul 27 2005

Moonbat Lee: “USA Cannot Stay In Iraq”

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Somebody please buy this woman all the air time she wants to promoter her ridiculous, liberal fringe ‘ideas’. Rep Lee, the only congress person to vote against the US defending itself after 9-11 by militarily going after Al Qaeda and the Taliban, has decided we should not be a stabilizing presence in the ME for […]

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Jul 27 2005

Rounding Up Bombers

I hate CCTV’s eeing everywhere and seeing everything, but I am beginning to think they have a real value now that we see how fast the bomber’s from last week’s botched London attack are being rounded up. Three women were escorted by police from the property in Stockwell, South London, which neighbours said was the […]

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Jul 27 2005

Iraq Standing Up, US Standing Down

The stories coming out of Iraq prior to the unvieling of their constitution in under 3 weeks time predicts a major shift coming. The news will not be one of endless bombings by dead ender hudlums. It will be of the phoenix rising from the ashes of Iraw 30 years in the making. The first […]

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Jul 27 2005

Re-Armed And Dangerous

This news is not good for the people of London. THE fugitive bombers who bungled their attacks on London’s transport system last week returned to their secret cache of explosives to rearm themselves for another assault, Scotland Yard believes. Immediately after the bombings up to three of the men who tried to blow up three […]

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Jul 27 2005

The Case Against Plame and The CIA

In a previous post I went into great detail about how I believe the Special Prosecutor, which the MSM naively believes is investigating Rove, is actually investigating a much larger, dangerous leaking of classified material. That post cearly identifies all the classified material relating to this incident and who was the likely source (Plame, and […]

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