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Jul 09 2005

The Supreme Janice Rogers Brown

The biggest decision by the Supreme Court has been the one confirming that disasterous and illegal land grab called eminent domain (for increasing the tax base by giving land to rich, connected developers). Tracing a link back to Coyote Blog I ran across this post on why Janice Rogers Brown should be a Supreme Court […]

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Jul 09 2005

Tax Cuts Raise Tax Revenues

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This economic reality should be a law of physics that applies generally and only fails in extreme economic situations. That way we can avoid the shock of the MSM when they realize economic lift works just as reliably as a wing provides lift. Our deficit this year may be down 25% from original projections according […]

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Jul 09 2005

Supreme Three-fer

Of course I need to be back on the road this morning so it should be a great news day – since they seem to break while I am away from my computer. But I think there is a good chance John Paul Stevens will announce his retirement soon, followed by Rehnquist. Erik at Redstate […]

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