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Jul 18 2005

Religion Illegal, Harvesting Humans Legal

In what has to be the most ridiculous, upside down set of circumstances in the country MA has now determined the mention of religion is illegal but the harvesting of unborn embryos (scientifically accurate statement there folks) is legal. The state’s attorney general on Monday halted a proposed ballot referendum that sought to repeal the […]

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Jul 18 2005

Daily Blog Roundup

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Please make sure to stop by and check out the Daily Blog Roundup at Election Projection

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Jul 18 2005

Hitchens Weighs In With A Yawn

Mark Coffey at Decisiono8 posted a link to Christopher Hitchen’s latest comments on the Wilson/Plame non-scandal. Writing to a friend in 1954, P.G. Wodehouse commented: Are you following the McCarthy business? If so, can you tell me what it’s all about? “You dined with Mr. X on Friday the tenth?” “Yes, sir.” (Keenly) “What did […]

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Jul 18 2005

There Is definitely An Escalation On

First off there are all the increased bombings and attacks from London to Turkey. That is on the terrorists side. And on the good guys/gals side is the actions in Afghanistan and Iraq. And now Pakistan nabs 5 AQ leaders. Pakistani intelligence agents have arrested five senior Taliban leaders, including a deputy to fugitive Taliban […]

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Jul 18 2005

Iraq On Offensive Against Terrorists

Iraq is stepping up the effort to take control of their country on many levels. First there is the grass roots effort to defend and fight the terrorists. Now there is the security forces efforts to do sweeps in Baghdad and other regions know to be collecting points for terrorists. Iraq’s interior minister said Monday […]

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Jul 18 2005

Germany Kaput on GWOT

How can anyone take Germany seriously when people with clear terrorist ties to Al Quaeda keep getting released on technicalities? More evidence why the liberals are wrong to want to bring the EU model of justice to the US. KARLSRUHE, Germany : A suspected Al-Qaeda financier was freed from jail in Germany after the country’s […]

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Jul 18 2005

Iraqis Fight Back Against Terrorists

This is actually a good sign that the insurgents are having the opposite effect than what they want. While the media latches on to the calls for local militia (how is this different from local police and army populated by locals??), the core of this is Iraqis getting ready to fight back. BAGHDAD (Reuters) – […]

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Jul 18 2005

Matt Cooper’s Hillary Ties

Boy do I get disgusted with DC politics (which by necessity includes the media) when they do not disclose their biases. Maybe I am just naive. But I just learned that sobbing, poor little Matt Cooper, who almost went to jail to protect this country, is married to a Hillary staffer. If true, where was […]

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Jul 18 2005

MSM Losing Value

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I have maintained for years (pre Strata-Sphere Blog of course) that the MSM was playing a very costly and risky game by not diversifying their staff and halting their drive towards the liberal fringes. Liberals only make up 20% of the population, so you cannot really retain national (let alone international) leadership in any market […]

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Jul 18 2005

Stone Cold Madness

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Mark in Mexico has a great piece on Oliver Stone’s continued fall into dementia. First his Stone quote there’s been a conglomeration under six principal princes –they’re kings, they’re barons — and these six companies have control of the world. They control culture, they control ideas. And I think the revolt of September 11 was […]

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