Jul 09 2005

The Supreme Janice Rogers Brown

The biggest decision by the Supreme Court has been the one confirming that disasterous and illegal land grab called eminent domain (for increasing the tax base by giving land to rich, connected developers). Tracing a link back to Coyote Blog I ran across this post on why Janice Rogers Brown should be a Supreme Court Justice:

JRB is opposed by the left and the Democratic Party because she is a strong supporter of property rights against government intervention. Reason has an interesting article noting that while Democrats in Congress were quick to attack her small government libertarianism, Republicans pointedly did not in turn embrace it.

And now from the Reason article:

Property and contract are, for her, the lifeblood of liberty; and when, in the late 1930s, the country and the Supreme Court began treating property rights cavalierly, they set loose an inexorably advancing leviathan state. To Brown, moreover, it makes no sense to treat speech and privacy rights as sacrosanct but property rights as trivial, when the Founders viewed all those rights as of a piece.

My all time largest hit and most linked post is this one on eminent domain, which reminds us all why this subject is so important. Let’s get this person on the bench ASAP.

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