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May 30 2005

2006 Senate Predicts from Redstate

Redstate has a very comprehensive review of the 2006 senate elections and potential republican pickups. Like us here they see a 3+ seat pickup easily within the realm of possibilities. Two days after the 2004 Republican win, I stated that a filibuster-proof Senate was possible in 2006. Although unlikely, the possibility of Republicans picking up […]

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May 30 2005

Adult Stem Cell Breakthrough

Hat tip to Newsmax for finding this one. This is amazing news which could, as Newsmax says, render all discussions of embryonic stem cell research moot. Embryonic stem cell research, to date, has shown no tangible results. But adult stem cell research is blazing trails on many fronts. Adult stem cells are the best option […]

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May 30 2005

One Nation, Divided by Race

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Are these people nuts? Why would anyone agree on establishing a separate government for one race in one state of the union? This is un-American. Senate Democrat is pushing a bill that would allow a separate government for ethnic Hawaiians. Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle and other Republicans also support the bill, which critics say would […]

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May 30 2005

Is Bush Redefining “Mainstream”?

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As we watch the MSM and democrats try and control the filibuster compromise, some interesting things have been coming out of these attempts. Today in the WashPost Dan Balz is trying to lay responsibility of the deal’s survival on Bush (like a gooe MSM liberal), but in doing so he does something astonishing – he […]

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May 30 2005

New Day In Lebanon

Democracy continues to sweep the Arab world as voters in Lebanon use their first opportunity in decades elect their own government without outside control. And it appears the voters are sending a clear signal by backing candidates loyal to the assassinated Hariri’s son. Candidates loyal to the son of assassinated politician Rafik Hariri swept the […]

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May 30 2005

France’s EU Dead, Will Another Rise Up

I think the resounding defeat in France of the flawed EU constitution was a very good thing indeed. Chirac is hopefully going to be politically crippled and some fresh conversation and debate may be possible. Some good coverage linked to at Drudgereport. What will be intersting is the difference between the EU coverage and that […]

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