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May 28 2005

MD Senate Seat In Play

As I had been hoping for months now, Michael Steele could run for the MD Senate seat opened by the retirement of Paul Sarbanes (a name I have lived with my entire life it seems – OK, he’s not that old). Via Polipundit (a great site for election information) we have news from the WashPost: […]

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May 28 2005

Orrin Hatch on Filibusters

Sen Orrin Hatch (R-UT), the previous chairman of the judicial committee now being led by Sen Arlen (I promise to get floor votes on nominees) Specter (R-PA), discusses the compromise deal made last week in Human Events. He could be a candidate for the Coalition of the Chillin’ given his take on the current state […]

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May 28 2005

Oxymoron Alert!

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When the MSM just can’t help itself and displays its bias Example 1: “It is depressing to see how many normally independent Republicans have already put on the blinders.” In the sense they are blind to NYTimes biases and political desires? Doesn’t that make them independent? Example 2: “But this time, the charge comes from […]

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May 28 2005

EU’s Constitution Combustion

The EU constitution is truly a disasterous piece of work. Way too long and filled with policy – not a political and legal framework for states to work together under – it should, for the sake of Europe, be voted down. I have held off on this subject (too busy chillin’) but the pending vote […]

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May 28 2005

Dems Losing Their Middle

The WashPost today has an article that reinforces my position regarding the nominee games going on in the Senate and their potential impact on the 2006 Senate races. The democrats will continue to lose senate seats if they cannot attract the non-aligned, independent voters from the middle of the electorate in a manner that doesn’t […]

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