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May 31 2005

VA Governor Race: Winning Issues

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Watching the governor’s race here in VA there is a feeling that the reps will take back control after our brief experiment in electing a democrat (Mark Warner). But while that seems to be the trend, the Kilgore/Connaughton duo (the most likely and best combination) need to take steps to lock up both the nomination […]

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May 31 2005

’06 Senate Roadmap

Michael Barone has an excellent analysis out showing why the democrats may not see control of the senate for a long time. He notes that the presidential elections , with the Electorial College (EC) weighted for population of each state, give the democrats an impression of national parity that should be reflected in the Senate. […]

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May 31 2005

Some in Media Chillin’

There are more and more voices coming out who agree with the Coalition of the Chillin’ that the filibuster deal is a transient step in a much longer process. Yes, there are seven Republican senators who signed on to the deal. But is there anyone with even a superficial knowledge of political reality who believes […]

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