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May 25 2005

Gallup Stunner on Filibuster

[Hat Tip to Newsmax on this one] 69% want the democrats to stop filibustering and give nominees up or down vote. The bombshell survey found that 35 percent “want to see the filibuster rules changed so that those judicial nominees are subject to an up-or-down vote,” Gallup said. Thirty-four percent “want to see the filibuster […]

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May 25 2005

Coalition of the Chillin’

I have to start a new post on this great project started by Mark Coffey at Decision ’08 (a new found gem of a blog I will be visiting regularly now). His “Coalition of the Chillin’” is growing rapidly. And many have come to similar conclusions as did the Strata-Sphere. See the Blog Roll of […]

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May 25 2005

Priscilla Owen Confirmed

No surprise here, except maybe the vote total. The Senate on Wednesday confirmed Priscilla Owen as a federal appellate judge, ending the four-year ordeal of the Texas jurist who was thrust into the center of the partisan battle over President Bush’s judicial nominations. The 56-43 vote to appoint Owen to the New Orlean-based 5th U.S. […]

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May 25 2005

Washington State 2006 Senate

We will need to see how the Rossi case on the 2004 governor’s race plays out before we know what could happen in 2006. If Rossi ends up in the Senate race it is a near lock and Rep pickup (towards the +3 seats I predicted for 2006) as Polipundit illustrated with some recent polling. […]

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May 25 2005

Few People Understand “The Deal”

I have been amazed at how many people have latched onto extreme, incomplete scenarios to decry the recent Senate deal on the filibuster. These extreme scenarios are all one sided: the reps are the losers and the dems the winners. What is stunning is both the left and right are sharing these same visions. But […]

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