May 30 2005

One Nation, Divided by Race

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Are these people nuts? Why would anyone agree on establishing a separate government for one race in one state of the union? This is un-American.

Senate Democrat is pushing a bill that would allow a separate government for ethnic Hawaiians.

Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle and other Republicans also support the bill, which critics say would have dire ramifications beyond Hawaii.

“By creating a race-based government in the United States, we would be enhancing a trend toward the Balkanization of our culture,” said Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, the Senate Republican Policy Committee chairman. “This would be the first time that we would actually be creating a race-based government entity within the United States.”

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2 Responses to “One Nation, Divided by Race”

  1. ShyGal says:

    What about the Indian nations within our borders? Don’t they already have their own separate form of government? It seems to me that native Hawaiians are another tribe of native americans and should have the ability to be treated the same way.

  2. AJStrata says:

    I appreciate the commonalities, but the separate government for Indians has provide little benefit to them and much harm. But this was established during the time we were ‘colonizing’ the west and was set up as a treaty as states were being formed.

    I can see the parallels, I am not sure it is good for anyone involved.