May 30 2005

Adult Stem Cell Breakthrough

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Hat tip to Newsmax for finding this one.

This is amazing news which could, as Newsmax says, render all discussions of embryonic stem cell research moot. Embryonic stem cell research, to date, has shown no tangible results. But adult stem cell research is blazing trails on many fronts. Adult stem cells are the best option to reduce the risk of tissue rejection and other genetic incompatabilities if the source of the adult stem cells can be the patients themselves. This recent breakthrough in Australia is just the kind of solution that the scientific community has been looking for.

The only question is will the liberal MSM be able to reject their own biases and recognize this for what it is. If this comes through, we will not need to kill humans to save the lives of the ill.

Griffith University researchers have successfully grown adult stem cells harvested from the olfactory mucosa, the organ of smell in the human nose.

They demonstrated the cells can give rise not only to nerve cells but also to heart, liver, kidney, and muscle cells. A paper on their work is to be published online this week in peer-reviewed life sciences journal Developmental Dynamics.

“These adult olfactory stem cells appear to have the same ability as embryonic stem cells in giving rise to many different cell types but have the advantage that they can be obtained from all individuals, even older people who might be most in need of stem cell therapies. Stem cells obtained from and transplanted into the same person would not be rejected by the immune system,” he said.

“Another advantage of adult olfactory stem cells is they are readily obtained from the nose and relatively easy to grow and multiply in the lab. In a few weeks we can make plenty of cells for transplantation or for studying their biology. We can get them from people with diseases and study the biology of those diseases as they affect the stem cells or the differentiated cells derived from them.”

These people have probably done more for humanity through their dedication and patience than is immediately obvious. We will not have to be a people who kill innocent life to address the needs of the sick. Thank you all for this great gift.

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  2. turnstile says:

    We can’t use the statements “right now” and “before a human can be used” when it comes to stem cell research or any other research where we kill human beings to advance our causes.

    Killing humans for any experiment or because they are inconvenient or undesirable is immoral and unethical.

    Humanity first, then science. Too often scientists lose sight of morals and ethics because they look at the “big picture” and want things defined scientifically. This crashes into moral/religious thinking which puts God and humanity in front of scientific advances.

    If your wife was dying and you could save her by killing someone you know or don’t know, would you agree to that method of healing? Killing embryos is doing exactly that.

    Just because a human is in the early stage of development in the womb doesn’t mean the person doesn’t have a right to exist. Years ago, in America it was legal to kill your children if they were deemed to be out of control. Fortunately for a lot of whiney, spoiled, out of control children this isn’t legal anymore.

    As John Kerry said, life begins at the moment of conception.

    We shouldn’t play God for experimentation. The “greater good” isn’t a good enough reason to kill people.

  3. AJStrata says:

    Turnstile, you will get no argument from me that we should not being killing any human being. All I was saying is we do not need to even have this debate right now since embryonic stem cell research has not even proven viability on animals yet. The adult stem cell research does not require killing anyone, you simply extract the cells from tissues. That is why it is preferrable to anything having to do with embryos. I think the problem here is people sometimes do not understand there are two domains in stem cell research. Stem cells exist in many forms in adults.

  4. turnstile says:

    I know what you mean, but “right now” and “yet” imply that if we come up with the Holy Grail through embryonic stem cell research, we should use it.

    We should never use humans for experimentation.

  5. AJStrata says:

    No, they do not mean that. You can try and re-interpret my words, but I am pretty sure I know what I meant. It means simply we should shut down this debate until that time comes. In my mind, given the combinatorial issues with controlling embryonic stem cells, they will be disgarded as the adult stem cell research sees much more progress. There are many ways to stop something from happening. And progress in an alternative will do more, across the globe, than any limited funding restrictions at the Federal level. Even an all out ban here in the US would not accomplish the same thing once adult stem cells prove the right path – embryonic research will be abandoned..